Handmade Festival 2013

The Handmade Festival took place in Leicester over the weekend 24th to 26th May 2013.

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The Handmade Festival on Sunday

Friday 24th May

Bands performing on Friday (that we saw)

Arcane Roots

Codex Leicester


Speaking in Italics

Surrender The Coast

Saturday 25th May

Charlotte Carpenter

Grace Petrie

Johnny Foreigner

Kate Malco


Little Night Terrors

Mark Elliott

Nine Black Alps

Sam Duckworth

We Were Promised Jet Packs


Sunday 26th May

See our page for Sunday 26th May

Bands performing on Sunday (that we saw)

Arms of Atlas

Cream Tangerines

Demons of Ruby Mae

Dutch Uncles

Feedback Voice

Preacher and the Bear

Tall Ships

The Twilight Sad

We Three and the Death Rattle

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Demons of Ruby Mae at the Concordia Theater

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