Riverside Festival 2013 on Sunday

Sunday at the Riverside Festival

Sunday at the Riverside saw another day of glorious hot sunshine, attracting just a big a crowd as Saturday did.

One of the singers at the Acoustic Area today was Nile McGregor.

nile kaeman mcgegor
Singer Nile McGregor

Calvin Jeffrey came back for another set, following his excellent appearance yesterday.

rhet barrow
Singer Rhett Barrow

Rhett Barrow’s set set drew enthusiastic acclaim from the audience. Rhett was accompanied on the harmonica by Sean Clutterham, for the last song ‘rain.’

siobhan mazzie
Singer Siobhan Mazzie

The highlight of the day was  the performance by Siobhan Mazzie. Often known as ‘shed’, she explained to me that this was not to do with the local live music venue but is a shortening her name Siobhan.

Siobhan opened her set with a cover of a song by Rihanna,  before going on to her own songs. As ever, it was a performance of outstanding quality.

When she announced that she would sing her cover of a song by Slipknot ‘Danger,  keep away’, people cheered. One of the moodier songs from the world-famous metal band, Siobhan gave it her own twist. It was an extraordinary song and you could see why people greeted it with such acclaim.

siobhan mazzie
Siobhan Mazzie

Her set included Katie B’s ‘On a mission‘ and she closed with her own song ‘Escape‘, included in her new album which she launched recently at a show at the Cookie Jar. Siobhan’s performance at Riverside was a highlight moment of the whole weekend.

The Acoustic Area’s line-up concluded with an acoustic performance by the three members of The Jav’lins. Otherwise a full electric band, the three musicians, lead by singer Tom Iliffe, showed their musical prowess by giving a set that was every bit as vibrant and impressive as their recent appearances on our local stages as a full electric band.

the javlins
The Jav’lins band

Riverside was a show-case for local musical talent on both the Main Stage and the Acoustic Area. Our city is home to so many top-class artists that we can furnish an entire weekend of the very best music without having to go elsewhere for acts.

KY on stage with choir

kyle jarvis riverside festival
KY performing with a choir at the Riverside festival

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