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Going to gigs round 1

Going to gigs

Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Instalment 1.

What is it about gigs?

by Trevor Locke.

In this issue: Why we go to gigs. Trevor’s hat. Reading festival. Nights at the Shed. Websites. Golden age of gigs. Working with bands. All about the venues.

Why do we go to Gigs? Interesting question. It’s something I have posted about before – on my Facebook page. It resulted in a very long discussion. Today I might shed a bit more light on the question; but I doubt it. Let’s start with the basics. Researchers at a university have found that going to hear music makes us happy. Oh yes. Now we know it’s true; the Guardian says so.

I go to gigs in Leicester. It’s something I have been doing for a long time...

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Bands from the past

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Leicester Oxjam Takeover 2010

This article was originally published in Arts in Leicester magazine and is included now, as part of  our archives project.

Music raises funds for charity. Oxjam breathes new life into Leicester’s live music. Oxjam is a month-long music festival organised for the charity Oxfam. All around the UK, hundreds of music events are being organised to raise funds for the charity. These events are put on by people who know and love their local music scene.

This is our report on the 2010 Festival held in Leicester.

Kevin Gaughan sums up the day (see below)

The Oxjam Takeover festival took place in Braunstone Gate on Saturday 23rd October 2010. It was an astonishing success, both musically and in raising nearly £16,000 for the Oxfam charity.

With three stages playing so...

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