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Golden Age of Indie

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Music in September

Music in September 2015

Our round-up of the live music events attended by our team of reporters and photographers during the month of September 2015 and some mentions of other events. ∏

Come back to this page regularly as we update it throughout the month.

Stars take to the stage at Pride

Two of Leicester’s biggest music stars took to the stage at Leicester Pride this year on 5th September.

Sam Bailey. Photo: Trevor Sewell.

Sam Bailey.
Photo: Trevor Sewell.

Leicester singer and X-Factor winner Sam Bailey wow’ed the crowd.

Lisa Lashes. Photo: Trevor Sewell.

Lisa Lashes.
Photo: Trevor Sewell.

Internationally celebrated DJ Lisa Lashes was back again this year to provide a top class show and some exhilarating sounds.

Saturday 26th September

A big night for Leicester music

There were too many gigs going on tonight; some of us did not know where to start...

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Matt Henshaw’s

Life on the Road

Part 1

September-December 2014

On the eve of travelling down to Buckinghamshire to do a lunchtime radio session for Marlow FM, then playing in Matlock, Derbyshire in the evening, it’s a good example of how my year or so has gone.  In just one day, I’ll be doing a heck of a lot of miles driving through a bunch of counties and I can recite the junctions and service stations of the M1 by heart.

It was ages ago that Trevor from Arts In Leicester asked me to write a blog for the website about life on the road as a Leicester musician, and I’ve only just gotten round to it.  My last show in LE1 was September last year, and I’ll be doing a homecoming gig Saturday 3rd October at The Cookie.

That’s over a year !  But I’ve been busy in that time...

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Carlos Stein Soundhouse

Sounds Familiar

The Carlos Stein column

On the subject of gig attendances, on the Leicester music scene,  versus other towns, I learned that Nottingham has an above average number of 30 something year-olds. This makes perfect sense and tallies with our research because, if Leicester has a diverse range of age groups, the ages above and below 30 are of different generations and would follow different trends for example: older ones may have children to care for, or may have more health issues. Younger ones would probably mingle with the 20 somethings on the student focussed outlets? Dunno, just a thought.

6th October

Playing in Crowd Cuckoo Land Pt.1:

Scroll down for Pt.2

Know Your Crowd

It’s the mysterious force which promoters, venues and artists have been trying to master since the dawn ...

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