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That Was 2014

The year has been good for music. 2014 was a bumper year for bands, singers, rappers and music artists of all kinds. In this article our Editor – Trevor Locke – reviews the gigs, shows and festivals that stood our for him in 2014 including those covered by other writers working for this magazine.

This review highlights the bands, singers and artists who made the year what is was, in our view.

No pictures in this article but watch out for out photo galleries of 2014.


27th The Shed with Goldstein and Casino Empire.

20th Resin did their annual gig at The Firebug, possibly their last as various members go their separate ways. On stage with them tonight were Martyr de Mona from Stourbidge, Leicester band Temple of Lies and from London Sl...

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Saturday 4th October 2014

Oxjam Leicester Festival 2014

Oxjam is a national music festival that takes place in the autumn of each year, in towns and cities right across the UK. Leicester has held Oxjam events for several years. Today’s event was a highlight in Leicester’s live music calendar.

In this review we have ordered the acts by the venue at which they played. Even with three reporters we struggled to cover everything that was going on throughout what was a long day of music.  Some venues we didn’t even manage to get to. So, here is our selection of some of the many bands and artists that made this year’s Oxjam such a great event.

To find a particular band or act use the search on your computer. (Control F on Windows machines.)
Our reporters were Kevin Gaughan (KG), Keith Jobey (KJ)...

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Music Diary

Music in Leicester’s

Music diary for 2014

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Dr X and The Bobcats

Saturday 8th February 2014

Dr X and The Bobcats

at the The Criterion

by Keith Jobey

Saturday afternoon gigs are great to start with, so when I heard about this one, at the Criterion, I decided it was a must do – partly because of the use of home made guitars. Being a lover of guitars, I was keen to see and hear the ones on show at this gig.

The Bobcats at The Criterion

The Bobcats at The Criterion

It is conventional guitars to start with as The Bobcats get the afternoon music underway. Despite only appearing on the scene last year they are now well established. They feature Stu Crown on guitar and vocals, Dan Fraser-Betts on bass and Boppa on drums. Stu has a great blues voice and knows his way around the fretboard. Sporting a top hat and a wild beard he certainly stands out...

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