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Jonezy releases new track

Jonezy at Beaconfest

Jonezy’s release of Mental

Saturday 1st February 2014

Leicester music artist Jonezy released his new track Mental today.

Mental Mew track by Jonezy

New track by Jonezy

It is about enjoying life, being mental and enjoying what you have in life.

The new track is now available on



Jonezy performed the new song at The Shed today as part of the album launch by FourPointOh band.

This event is on Facebook

Jonezy will be appearing at the Glastonbudget Music Festival in May with Norwegian singer Alexandru.

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Featured artist: Tha Deadeye

We talk to Tha Deadeye

Trevor Locke talks to the Leicester hip-hop artist who featured recently on Takeover Radio’s Made in Leicester
show. ∏


Leicester singer Deadeye

Leicester artist Tha Deadeye has been growing in popularity since his breakthrough in 2011. A turning point in Tha Deadeye’s career came when, in 2011, one of his tracks was played on Radio 1, when he became the unsigned artist of the month.

JP’s (Joseph JP Patterson) underground number one track of the month One Life by Deadeye featuring Nat Powers was played on the DJ’s Radio 1 programme. JP said “Back in the day, myself and Deadeye would drive up and down the country to bassline raves and he would always freestyle – he was good...

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Pushing out your band

Pushing your band out to the world

Last edited:  29th September 2014

All bands need to be on the Internet and the majority have a Facebook page.

Here at Music in, we look at hundreds of Band Pages on Facebook every month. Our conclusion – the standards vary hugely, from pathetically poor through to very professional.

Does it matter if your band has a good Facebook page?

You tell me!   I would say, yes it matters a lot if your band is in music for the long term.  If your band is going to play for a couple of years and then disappear down the plug hole of musical history, then no it doesn’t.

If yours is a serious band (and I use that word respectfully) then you have to have a Facebook page that makes sense and provides the people who matter to you with the right information.

And the rest ...

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