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The Rogue Network at Pi Bar, 21st April, 2018

with Scarlet Suns and The Flying Kangaroo Alliance

Tonight’s show was organised by Dreaming in Colour Productions.

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

It’s a warm Saturday evening and Dreaming In Colour productions have a stellar line-up of bands at Pi Bar and as is the norm here, it’s free entry. But will the thunder clouds that are brewing outside be matched by an electric storm inside?

Scarlet Suns are up first, a ‘Uni’ band who have brought a decent crowd. Opening with ‘Tick Tick Boom’ by The Hives they immediately impress, they have a good sound and the dynamics are right. Admitting that they have none of their own material to play, they continue with a set of covers. It’s only their second gig so hopefully we’ll soon see them producing original songs and taking the next steps as a band...

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February 2018

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2015 Review of the year

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Thursday 23rd July 2015

Pi Bar

We saw: Chasing Deer, Ladies, French Leave and Rebel Westerns.

Emperor Penguin Productions put on the show tonight and Nile McGregor was on the sound desk. Pi Bar, in Narborough Road, is a popular venue and its free entry shows are a draw people who like good live music. It always seems to be full.

Chasing Deer

Chasing Deer when they were in Leicester for the gig at Pi Bar

Chasing Deer when they were in Leicester for the gig at Pi Bar

I saw Chasing Deer at The Shed in June and noted: ‘Chasing Deer played Pompeii – Bastille’s much-loved song that I have heard from many acts before. Many of you will be able to sing

And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love
Great clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above

Even though I have heard this before – for example from the acapella group The Simpl...

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June 2015

MIL’s round-up of live music

for June 2015

Each month we  look at some of Leicester’s live music.

Trevor Locke looks back at the music, gigs, shows, festivals, singers and bands that made June another huge month for Leicester.

Tuesday 30th June

Quite a varied day for music! On the hottest day of June, Leicester basked in a mini-heatwave. So, it was a good evening to pay a visit to the Soundhouse for the open-mic night.  Tonight’s line-up was opened by Joe Doyle (aka Homeless Shakespeare) who sang some songs, with his usual highly individual voice, and also told the audience about his showing coming up on Saturday at The Soundhouse (there’s more about this on Facebook.) Joe told his audience to expect “violent grindcore and free cupcakes”, at least that’s what I thought he said...

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