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Going to gigs round 1

Going to gigs

Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Instalment 1.

What is it about gigs?

by Trevor Locke.

In this issue: Why we go to gigs. Trevor’s hat. Reading festival. Nights at the Shed. Websites. Golden age of gigs. Working with bands. All about the venues.

Why do we go to Gigs? Interesting question. It’s something I have posted about before – on my Facebook page. It resulted in a very long discussion. Today I might shed a bit more light on the question; but I doubt it. Let’s start with the basics. Researchers at a university have found that going to hear music makes us happy. Oh yes. Now we know it’s true; the Guardian says so.

I go to gigs in Leicester. It’s something I have been doing for a long time...

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That Was 2014

The year has been good for music. 2014 was a bumper year for bands, singers, rappers and music artists of all kinds. In this article our Editor – Trevor Locke – reviews the gigs, shows and festivals that stood our for him in 2014 including those covered by other writers working for this magazine.

This review highlights the bands, singers and artists who made the year what is was, in our view.

No pictures in this article but watch out for out photo galleries of 2014.


27th The Shed with Goldstein and Casino Empire.

20th Resin did their annual gig at The Firebug, possibly their last as various members go their separate ways. On stage with them tonight were Martyr de Mona from Stourbidge, Leicester band Temple of Lies and from London Sl...

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The Charlotte

Saturday 12th April 2014

The Charlotte Reopening Weekend.

by Keith Jobey

Fact 1: I never went to see a gig at the Charlotte. I started going to Leicester gigs just as it was closing. There were one or two I could have made but didn’t. And I’m sad about that because everyone in Leicester has been to a gig there.

Fact 2: I have never seen Meri Everitt (who saw Pele at the Charlotte) play a solo gig. I’ve seen her band Flying Kangaroo Alliance thirteen times but never her playing solo. I’m also sad about that.

Tonight then is a perfect opportunity to put things right. Meri, followed by the Paradimes, is playing at the Charlotte as part of the reopening weekend.

Walking into The Charlotte feels strange. I’ve passed it so many times being in the prominent location that it is...

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The Charlotte re-opens

The Charlotte 18th August 2013

Leicester’s music venue The Charlotte

Tuesday 17th December 2013 ∏

Leicester’s legendary music venue The Charlotte is to re-open for a special show.

A line-up of top local bands will be on the bill when The Charlotte re-opens for a special one-off gig on Saturday 28th December.

The legendary Leicester venue will open its doors at 2 pm and run through to 2 am for this special event.

Some of the many acts that have already been booked will include Midnight Wire, Titan, Linear, The Paradimes and The Harrowbrooks and also  included is  a variety of other well known  singers and groups. The last act will take to the stage at 10 pm.

The Charlotte

The Charlotte

Tickets are available on-line now and from Rockaboom Records in St. Martins and from Well Gosh.

Whilst entry for individuals is 18+, a family ti...

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