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Midnight Wire at The Shed, 2nd November 2018

with The Fazed and Deadwires

Reviewed by Trevor Locke

Two Leicester musicians took to the stage to perform the opening set; one of them was Callum Cook. He used to be a member of No More Heroes. He was accompanied by the drummer Sam Marsh. Deadwires is a Leicester band that started out recently. There are a lot of two-piece bands around these days. Timmas, Earls, Scribble Victory. At this, only their fourth gig, they made their mark with a set of high-powered songs fuelled with ear-smacking riffs and vibrant beats. Lots of powerful sounds came from this duo led by the strong voice of Cal, a singer noted for his gravelly tones and high-octane vocals.

Deadwires has a video of Outlaws, which can be seen on the band’s Facebook page. .

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Deadwires performing...

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LIFE at The Shed, 15th June 2018

with Earls and Vulgarians

Tonight’s show was organised by Juicebox Live and The Shed.

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

There’s an old punk ethic that has been around since punk started which is ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’. Forty plus years on its as relevant today as it ever was, and LIFE are a band that are a shining example of how to go about being a DIY band. Tonight saw them play Leicester for the fourth time, the last time being at Handmade Festival in 2017, Juicebox Live bringing them to The Shed for a well attended show.

Local punks Earls are a very fitting selection as first support. A band with attitude and tunes, inspired by Slaves and big fans of the headline act, whom they watched support Slaves at the Academy...

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