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Going to gigs round 2

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Carlos Stein Soundhouse

Sounds Familiar

The Carlos Stein column

On the subject of gig attendances, on the Leicester music scene,  versus other towns, I learned that Nottingham has an above average number of 30 something year-olds. This makes perfect sense and tallies with our research because, if Leicester has a diverse range of age groups, the ages above and below 30 are of different generations and would follow different trends for example: older ones may have children to care for, or may have more health issues. Younger ones would probably mingle with the 20 somethings on the student focussed outlets? Dunno, just a thought.

6th October

Playing in Crowd Cuckoo Land Pt.1:

Scroll down for Pt.2

Know Your Crowd

It’s the mysterious force which promoters, venues and artists have been trying to master since the dawn ...

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That Was 2014

The year has been good for music. 2014 was a bumper year for bands, singers, rappers and music artists of all kinds. In this article our Editor – Trevor Locke – reviews the gigs, shows and festivals that stood our for him in 2014 including those covered by other writers working for this magazine.

This review highlights the bands, singers and artists who made the year what is was, in our view.

No pictures in this article but watch out for out photo galleries of 2014.


27th The Shed with Goldstein and Casino Empire.

20th Resin did their annual gig at The Firebug, possibly their last as various members go their separate ways. On stage with them tonight were Martyr de Mona from Stourbidge, Leicester band Temple of Lies and from London Sl...

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1st December 2014

That Was November

Our look back at what we saw during the month of November 2014.

For record reviews, see our page Listening Post November.

Saturday 29th November

The Shed:  two gigs, upstairs and downstairs and each with a really good line-up of bands and artists.

On the main stage:

Tom Bem

Tom Bem

Tom Bem

with guitarist and synth player Ben Gorman

Ben Gorman with Tom Bem at The Shed

Ben Gorman with Tom Bem at The Shed

Tom Bem is a singer from Greenwich in London who has been performing for about ten years. His style of music is what he calls “minimal electro-hop” and he told me he will have a new EP coming out soon. Tom likes The Police and The Red Hot Chili Peppers and is a fan of Jamie XX. Tom has played in Leicester before, at The Soundhouse...

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