Album review – Irene Rae, The Light Game

Second album by singer-songwriter Irene Rae, The Light Game, is a self-assured, sophisticated sequel to her debut release.

Opening with a flourish of scattered cymbals, insouciant piano, and sultry lead guitar, jazz influences are very much in evidence. However, the instrumentation is never excessively complicated: subtle and melodic, it augments Irene’s compelling compositions. Her gossamer voice flits gracefully across each tune, gliding effortlessly from mellow ballads to more upbeat, bluesy numbers.

Searingly evocative, sixth song Love Me So was to me the standout track. Building from ethereal intro, to passionate climax, and then receding into a poignant outro, it exemplifies the artist’s skilful use of dynamics to add emotional emphasis. However, this is an album full of strong songs, both beautifully produced, and executed.

The Light Game has a timeless quality that will likely appeal to fans of Carol King, Joni Mitchell, or Nerina Pallot, and will be available to purchase from the 1st of July, 2019. I highly recommend procuring a copy.

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