Andy Wright

Photo of Andy Wright
Andy Wright. Photo (c) Matt short. Leicester Mercury

This month (July 2022) saw the passing of one of the great musical legends of Leicester. Many still remember Andy Wright as the manager of the Charlotte.

During his watch, the venue achieved national notoriety as a place where many leading bands performed and careers were launched.

Stayfree Music said, on Facebook: ‘We are very sad to hear the news of Andy Wright passing yesterday. We worked with him when he promoted Lock 42 from 2010 – 2014, then he had office space with us for a couple of years after. The photo above is from a newspaper cutting from September 2010 just as we were about to launch Lock 42. On a personal note, my very first gig was at the Charlotte in 2007 and Ian Redhead (Stayfree Music) had ‘The Fabulous Hunters Club’ returns at the Charlotte in 2008.

He did great things for the Leicester Music Scene, which all of us have benefited from, and we will all feel the impact of his loss, professional and personally. Thanks Andy for some wonderful memories. x’

Andy’s Facebook page.

He was aged 60. He died on 4th July 2022. Andy was noted for his promotion of live music in Leicester both during his time at The Princess Charlotte and later.  He was born in 1962 and, during his music career, worked with bands such as Simply Red, Eurythmics, Atomic Kitten and many others. Many have said that the Charlotte, at 8 Oxford Street,  was one of Leicester’s most famous and prestigious venues during the time Andy was there from 1989 to 2009.

Fans still recall seeing bands such as Kasabian, Radiohead. Muse, Coldplay, Oasis and many others at the venue. The Charlotte closed, as a music venue, in 2010 when the building was converted into flats. Andy was working behind the bar the night that the Stone Roses played there. Many fans of live music posted messages of sadness and condolences on social media at hearing this news. Andy will be remembered for years to come as one of the most celebrated personalities of our local music scene. (TGL)


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