Bands from Leicester and Leicestershire

in 2017 and 2018

This page displays our list of bands from Leicester and Leicestershire, from 2017 to 2018

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This list was last updated on: 15th October 2018

There are also quite a few jazz bands that are not listed here. Plus a number of function and party bands that have not been included in this list.

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Bands from Leicester and Leicestershire

will be listed below in alphabetical order as the registration forms come in.

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‘original’ means ‘own’; ‘covers’ means songs written by someone else

Al Sansome & The Dezerters (Leicester) Blues/Jazz

Albion, The (Leicester) Indie rock

Alex Harding (Leicester) melancholy solo guitar music. Really into 80s/90s Emo and Alternative indie. Original.

Andy Wales band (Leicester) Pop, Blues/jazz, Classic rock. Both covers and originals

Anoa (Leicester) Indie, rock and roll, alternative

Arcades (Leicester) Rock

Arc Isla (Leicester) Alternative, Indie

Audible Light (Leicester) electronic, jazz and world music touches. Original songs only

Autumn Dawn Leader (Loughborough) Indie, Folk.

Aztec Temples (Leicester) Alternative rock, Indie.

Barracuda (Leicester) Indie, alterantive

Before The Crash (Coalville)  Alternative, both originals and covers

Brandy Thieves, the  (Leicester) Gypsy, ska infused punk rock

Common Strays (Leicester) Alternative, indie, original songs only

Courtney Askey Music (Leicester) Alterantive

Dan Wright Music (Leicester) Indie/Blues/Jazz/Folk.

Dancing Wumasters (Loughborough) Alternative, Indie, Ska/reggae, Blues/Jazz

David Wyatt band (Leicester) Alternative, Indie, Pop, Blues/jazz, Folk, Classic rock. Original songs only.

Day of the Moon (Leicester) indie.

Dreams of Carnage (Leicester) Alternative, Punk

Earls (Leicester) Alternative, punk, grunge original songs

Echolocation (Leicester) Avant (garde) rock

Eden Avenue (Leicester) Alternative rock, metal, original

Elysian (Leicester) Blues, Jazz

Excellent Adventures, the (Leicester) rock, pop

Fazed, The (Leicester) Indie. Original songs only

Ferris (Leicestershire) Alternative, rock, pop

Feverkicks, the (Leicester) Alternative, Pop, Blues/jazz, Grunge, Classic rock.

Finches of Attica (Leicester) Alternative rock

First Wave (Leicester) Punk

Fivehead (Leicester) Alternative. Original songs only.

Fractions (Hinckley) Metal, original songs.

Fullfathom5 (Leicester) Indie

Gallows High (Leicester) Alternative rock, mainly original songs, some covers.

Gestalt (Leicester) Punk, Electronica. Original songs only.

Goldwater (Leicester) Alternative. Original songs only.

Graves (Leicester) Grunge. Original songs only.

Graystarr (Leicester/Coalville) Classic Rock.

GÜNK (Leicester) Grunge.

Gu-Ru (Leicester) Alternative, Electronica, Blues/jazz. Original songs only.

Hammer of the Gods (Leicester) Classic rock tribute to Led Zeppelin

Hell’s Addiction (Leicester) Hard rock

Jesse Wright Band (Leicester) Pop, blues/jazz.

Jesuscarfish (Leicester) Alternative, punk (original songs only)

Jimmy Amnesia (Leicester) Indie.

Jouska (Leicester) Alternative, Indie, Punk, Grunge

Kafkadiva (Leicester) Pop, original songs only

Kill the Mammoth (Leicester) Alternative, indie

Lambone Splinter (Leicester) Alternative, Indie, Pop, Folk.

Lids, the (Leicester) Indie.

Lightning, the (Coalville, Tamworth, Nuneaton), Pop, Classic Rock.

Lockdown (Loughborough) Classic rock covers band.

Man Bear Pig (Other Leicestershire) Punk, Grunge

Midnight Dogs, the (Leicester)  Classic rock, original songs only

Mojohand (Leicester) Pop

Monachopsis (Leicester) Metal. Original songs only

Monochrome Days (Derby/Loughborough) Pop

Monuments of Rock n Soul, the (Leicester)

Myoptik (Leicester) Electronica, original only

Nightcrawlers (Leicestershire) Classic rock

No More Heroes (Leicester) Alternative

Ohana (Leicester) Alternative indie rock, original songs only

Our City Fires (Leicester) alt rock. Mainly originals songs.

Out of Karma (Leicester) Alternative ska and reggae. Original songs.

Paul J. Roberts (Leicester) indie, alternative

Po! (Leicester) Indie, Pop

Produkty, (Leicester), Naïve Art Rock

PYRVMIDS (Leicester) rock, original

Racketeers (Leicester) Rock and roll, folk, indie

Rawkus Redz (Leicester, Shepshed) Hard rock with a metal edge

Replica (Leicester) Alternative, indie, pop covers

Revival (Leicester) Alternative indie, original songs

Rip the Sky (Loughborough) Blues/Jazz

Royal Arcade (Leicester) “dreamy jangle core nu gaze”

Scrubs, the (Leicester) Grunge, both originals and covers

Sedations, the (Leicester) Punk

Sepia Sun (Leicester) Alternative, Electronica, Grunge.

Skam (Leicester) Rock.

Southside Rebellion (Leicester) Punk

Stonepark (Leicester) Indie, ska, reggae, pop. Covers only.

Supercrazybrain (Leicester) Alternative, Indie, Classic rock, original songs only.

The – bands whose names begin with ‘the’ are listed under the next word in the name.

Temple of Lies (Leicester) Metal, Rock, Stoner Rock, Grunge

Times To Kill (Leicester) Alternative, Electronica, Hardcore. Original songs only

Timmas (Leicester) Two-piece.

Traps (Leicester) Indie

Try Subversion (Leicester) Punk. Original songs only.

Unseen Underground (Leicester) Post-punk, alt-rock. Both covers and originals

Waldorf (Leicester) Indie, grunge. Original songs only.

Way Out, the (Loughborough) Folk

Weallfallsilent (Leicester) Indie rock

We Give In (Leicester) melodic punk, pop punk

We Tried Kylie (Leicester) Pop.

Whatdafunk (Leicestershire)  Funk, Funk Jazz, Funk Rock Soul, Disco. Covers but with a  twist.

Whiskey Rebellion, the (Leicester) Folk

World Can Wait, the (Leicester) Alternative, Metal

Yodaclub (Leicester) Alternative.  Based in Northants but for playing purposes our base is Leicester.

Zeppelins, the (Leicester) Classic rock.

Nearby bands

Scumbus (Peterborough) Punk

Gypsy (Kettering) Alternative, Electronica, original songs only.

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