Cabbage at Dryden Street Social, 12th April, 2018

with Grimm Twins and She Drew the Gun

Tonight’s show was organised by The Cookie and Dryden Street Social

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

In October 2016 The Cookie introduced us to Cabbage, a bunch of lads from up north who blew those present away with songs about the NHS, dinner ladies and uber capitalists. Now, with their debut album entering the official charts at 21, glowing reviews being provided by national broadsheets and TV appearances, it appears the last couple of years of hard work has finally paid off for them. So off we head to Dryden Street Social to catch them as they stop off at Leicester on their Nihilistic Glamour Shots tour.

Grimm Twins Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Grimm Twins have travelled from Maclesfield to open the evening. They were a likeable bunch with an edgy attitude who despite some technical issues certainly caught my attention. And yes, there are twins in the band (singer and drummer) and they’re from the grim north.

She Drew the Gun Photo: Kevin Gaughan

She Drew The Gun are the main tour support and are an interestingly different band. With a dreamier pop style pushing towards rock their songs are interspersed with political poems packed with social commentary.

Cabbage Photo: Kevin Gaughan

There is a substantial gathering at the barrier waiting for Cabbage to begin, a mix of young and old, ready to mosh. But the band open with Reptiles State Funeral, a slower number from their debut album that doesn’t light the fuse. The next song, Uber Capitalist Death Trade quickly rectifies the matter as does Arms Of Pleonexia. The scene was then set, with the activity of the crowd up and down in sync with the energy of the music.

Cabbage Photo: Kevin Gaughan

There was a point at which it got a little flat, it was a long set passing the hour mark and the band seemed to be a little less animated than I’m used to seeing them. Perhaps they were conserving their energy since it was always going to be a strong finish.

Cabbage Photo: Kevin Gaughan

After playing what surely was the whole of the album, older favourites Kevin and Necroflat In The Palace were left to close the set off. The energy was full throttle now with singer Lee up at the barrier and a circle pit raged mid crowd. Enough to leave everybody satisfied and worn out.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Cabbage, from tonight’s gig.
Watch another video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Cabbage, from tonight’s gig.
Watch another video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Cabbage, from tonight’s gig.