5th April 2017

Circulation success

Music in Leicester magazine is doing well. Our magazine – that which you are now reading – continues to attract visitors and today we can report on the latest statistics.

Figures collected on 4th April this year show that in the first months of 2017, Music in Leicester received 11,435 visitors. That gives an average monthly readership of about 3,812 per month. That compares with the total visits last year of 47,862 over the twelve months of 2016 – an average of a little under 40,000 per month, approximately.

Whilst readers viewed many dozens of different pages, the ones that were most popular included the ‘gig listing’, the monthly ‘live music rounds-ups’, our list of ‘local venues’, our page about ‘open-mic nights’ and our list of ‘Leicester bands.’

Readers are finding our site through many channels: many just go straight to the web address; but a substantial number find it through search engines, using a very wide variety of terms and phrases. Social media drives a lot of people to us using Facebook and Twitter.

We know, from the analysis we have, that readers come from all over the world. Not just Britain, but also most European countries, North and South America, Africa, the far east and even from China and Japan. Leicester and its music gets exposure the world over, thanks to the amazing power of the Internet.

Editor of MIL, Trevor Locke, said “I am pleased with these results. It confirms that our magazine is being read by a lot of people and to me that makes it all worthwhile.”

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