Demons launch new single

Demons of Ruby Mae

Leicester band Demons of Ruby Mae have released a new single

11th November 2013 ∏

Beneath The Surface is the new single launched today by Demons of Ruby Mae

The track is on the band’s bandcamp

Click here to listen to Beneath The Surface

What will you hear is a track rich in mood and atmosphere and featuring the superb vocals of singer Jonny Gavin.

Released through SiZe Records, the song featured in two shows – one that was held at Leicester’s Y Theatre on 8th November and the other at Manchester’s Academy 3 on 9th November.

Demons of Ruby Mae’s members are Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley. A collaborative duo from both Leicester and Manchester, paired together through musical influences and the desire to have their input into the shaping of modern music. Since forming in 2012, they have understood the importance of creating a unique sound and product. Not interested in playing shows for the first 12-months of existence, the pair went into hiding and created what they believe to be a style which will capture those who have the pleasure to listen.

Jonny Gavin said: “Demons of Ruby Mae is a product of emotion, musical satisfaction and visual clarity.”

Demons of Ruby Mae’s music is an outstanding contribution to Leicester’s artist repertoir.

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