EP review – Dusker, EP 2

Release date: 28/08/20

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka

Already making noise in the local DIY scene separately, the members of Dusker joined forces in 2019. They’ve quickly become Leicester’s, if not, the Midland’s, most exciting math-rock collective.

Before the pandemic, Dusker delivered a fair share of electrifying live shows supporting the likes of Kagoule and Petrol Girls and released their first EP.

After re-visiting Liquid Tony’s basement studio at Liquid Tone Production, they’re back with EP 2, released on an independent label, Muzai Records.

EP 2 feels like a chaotic attempt to reconnect with yourself and set your mind straight again. Though complex compositions, with all the breaks and ever-changing dynamics, don’t make the breakthrough come easily. Dusker goes back in time and space, bashing out beats somewhat reminiscent of the 90s post-core scene with this decades’ superb production.

The four-track EP starts off cathartic with Boone, restless with its speed-up-slow-down sequences. You know straight away that Dusker won’t play around. Leo, the first single of the record, and Quality Papers bring a different kind of frenzy with its even more dramatic, emo ballad-like vibe, revamped in math-rock fashion.

Still, there’s no time for sentiments. Get your freak and pogo moves on for Temple Bar. It doesn’t just close the record, it demolishes it – drenched in gritty feedback, doubled-up on speed and frantic vocals. Temple Bar is a post-punk, drunken declaration of either desire, ‘I saw that look in your eye, it’s killing me’, or delusions. Either way, it’s the most dazzling track of the whole record.
EP 2 must be the dawn of Dusker. It’s long-overdue, anyway.

EP 2 is available from August 28 on cassette tape and digitally on the band’s social media and streaming platforms.

Preorder/preview EP 2 on Bandcamp here.

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