Epic Rock and Grunge Night

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Mage, Flying Kangaroo Alliance, Temple of Lies and Tribute to Nordberg to perform epic rock and grunge on Saturday 20th July @ The Musician in Leicester


“Mage hold no pretensions about their sound. It’s all 4/4 rock beats and pentatonic noodling, and that simplicity is what makes them so easy to get into… The vocalist cannot be missed, though … Mage’s vocalist Tom can be found down, akin to a bear chewing a tree. He’s not so gutteral that you can’t make out the lyrics, but when he growls out, “The weight on my shoulders is like a dead cow – it’s getting old now,” you don’t need to ask if he means it.” http://www.thejitty.com


“Fortunately there was fun to be had instead in the marquee where the wacky girls and boys of Flying Kangaroo Alliance let rip with lots of songs packed with spangly bass and siren guitars that sound a bit like The Breeders and all seem to be about getting drunk.” The Monograph

“Finally a bit of attitude; Meri Everitt and her band F.K.A. perform an excellent set of 90s’esk alt/grunge/rock….in fact; I’m not quite sure what their ‘genre’ is, but whatever it is; they do it well.  Meri’s voice is aggressive and captivating as she spills cleverly written anti-mainstream, f-you lyrics. Under which the band play exceptional music; very clever discordant figures and contesting parts between the two guitars and the bass give a very interesting textures for the listener’s ear.  Lead guitarist Ali Findlay, is nothing but outstanding, generating layer upon layer of musical ‘noise’, along with a fitting amount of solo twiddling; creating a thick, full sound to each piece.” Arts in Leicester


Temple of Lies are proof that to make a good record you don’t necessarily need a lot of money. What you do need are talent and determination, both of which ToL have in spades. Not only do they write memorable, powerful songs, but each musician has a distinctive style, bringing their own qualities to the mix, although Simon’s vocals do deserve special mention because his snarling, gritty, whiskey-soaked voice really makes this record. www.SonicAbuse.com


“Tribute to Nordberg began life without a vocalist. They added a singer a few months down the line, but those crucial early days have clearly left their mark on them as a tight, muscular unit. Turn the Other Way opens their debut album with a volley of ferocious riffing before the single Breathless sees them stamp down hard on the accelerator pedal, driving us forwards into the black heart of this band. They cite influences by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Audioslave and Alice in Chains, but once the singing starts, the group they bring most readily to my ear is a heavier version of Pearl Jam, with grinding, unforgiving riffs tempered with a keen sense of melody and questing, yearning vocals. It’s a formidable combination. There’s subtlety here too; tracks like No Denial and Long Ride Home might leave you battered but they also leave you wanting more.” Tim Sorrell leftlion.co.uk

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£5 to get in and there might be an ice cream van there…

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