Review – Finches of Attica at The Shed 16th November 2018

Finches of Attica in November

with Yodaclub and Ohana

Reviewed by Trevor Locke

Tonight’s show was opened by Yodaclub. The band from Corby gave us a set of good sounds, mixing vocals and keyboard together into an agreeable cocktail of pleasing rhythms and engaging melodies. Plenty of vibes there to satisfy the audience. Ear-pleasing vibes of indie and pop. The musicians blended together singing and instrumental work into a mix that was a hit with the audience. Singing their own songs, the return to Leicester, of this group from Northamptonshire was a treat for the crowd.

Yodaclub Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Leicester had always has young bands that stand out; one of these is Ohana. This is a band that is making its mark,on the local scene. Their selection of own songs shows ingenuity and musical creativity. Lead singer Luke Smith has a nascent rockstar quality to his performance. His strong vocals were used to good effect. The whole band applied themselves to their music with genuine commitment and enthusiasm, which won them the admiration of the crowd.

They might be young but they certainly knew how to craft a presence on the stage. It was a set that ticked all the boxes. A quality set of songs from a quality band.

Ohana Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Finches of Attica.

If you have not seen this Leicester band before, I would be surprised. If that is the case, then, make it a ‘must see’ act. Why? Well, for one thing, they capture the spirit of what rock is all about.

Another band with a lead singer – Tom Howarth – whose performance was exciting. There were lots of good things about this band that kept the audience engaged. A large audience had stayed around to see them; always a good sign. They pumped out a stream of considerably engaging sounds. A band that has a set worth listening to and a following of dedicated fans. They delivered their music with constant energy and commitment and can boast a star-quality lead singer.

Finches of Attica Photo: Kevin Gaughan

I particularly enjoyed their track Stars with its agreeable beats and attractive melodic line. It had the indie pop vibe that I like. Another song worth watching is Circus. This has much to commend it. Full of metalish riffs kept bouncing with indie rhythms. Listen to the guitar riffs – quite wonderful. Vocals full of impact from Tom and Bryce. Songs that are cunningly crafted. Tom knows how to do a chilling scream when one is called for. The band has tracks on Soundcloud including Rock And Roll Queen, Behind Below and Stars. Worth a listen.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Finches of Attica performing at this gig.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Finches of Attica performing at this gig.