Gig review – Andrea Kenny at The Old Moses Cabin, Friday 3rd November 2023

Andrea Kenny and band. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

with Sam Tucker? and Sally Hossack and the Dream Band

Reviewed by Christa Lord

I arrived at the venue early enough to catch the buzz and excitement of the many fans anxiously awaiting the live acts’ commencement – a vast array of friendly and inviting music lovers from near and far gathering to share in Andrea Kenny’s first solo EP launch – the lights dimmed, the bar open, and the scenery awash with smiles of anticipated glee.

First to the stage was singer-songwriter, Sam Tucker? – described as a ‘cheeky northern monkey’, and boy is he! The name speaks for itself – Sam Tucker? – Sam takes us on a journey of existential awareness mixed with a splash of confusion via clever wit and comedic prose, making up a cheeky blend of acoustic songs depicting less-than-ideal true-to-life experiences. What fun indeed!

Sam’s comedic songbird-woes from drinking, break-ups and parking tickets garnered many a laugh amongst the crowd, myself included. A great ice breaker to start the evening.

Sam Tucker?. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Next up we had Sally Hossack and the Dream Band (three-piece band includes Sally Hossack, Howard Smith and Anita Lindley). With a sound reminiscent of the illustrious Tori Amos, Sally Hossack and the Dream Band’s intimate and delicate sound captures your attention instantly, taking you on a journey of love, loss and everything in between. Amid captivating harmonies and musicianship, Sally Hossack and the Dream Band have mastered the art of taking your hand in invitation along the path of Illumination 2020.

Sally Hossack and The Dream Band. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Alas, I was sad to see their act come to an end. That being said, the end culminated in a flood of excitement for the evening’s much-anticipated star act – Andrea Kenny…

For many, Andrea Kenny is best known for her former front-leading role in Leicester’s popular band, The Brandy Thieves, but let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Like a fine-oiled machine, the camaraderie and fluidity between Andrea and band (comprised of Helen Collins on keys and backing vocals, Natasha Patterson on violin, Robin Grace on bass, and Jamie Robinson on drums) was smack-you-in-the-face present. The charismatic engagement with the crowd made for a fun-loving energy and feel right out of the gates.

Andrea Kenny. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

The evening’s excitement and thrill of officially celebrating the long-awaited launch of Andrea Kenny’s Passage of Time EP was palpable – a fitting album title which captures a blend of songs depicting love, loss, grief, connection, friendship, addiction, and mental health, written over a fifteen-year period. Andrea’s soul-shaking powerhouse vocals of the beautifully written and well performed songs (accompanied by keys, violin, bass and drums) suck you right in from the outset and leave you wanting more.

It’s evident that music runs through her very bones, making Andrea an immense talent to be reckoned with. It definitely didn’t disappoint, with many of the audience members on their feet, warmly expressing their appreciation. There is no doubt that we witnessed merely the start of a very long and fruitful solo music career for Andrea Kenny, and I look forward to cheering alongside her exciting journey ahead.

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