Gig review – Henry Webb & The Bootworks at Firebug, Friday 17th March 2023

Henry Webb & The Bootworks. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

with The Barratts and Dreamcage

Reviewed by Kenny Cassells

On a dreary Friday night in Leicester, St Patrick’s day was in full rage at most of the bars and venues in the city, however Kevin had mentioned that there was an alternative to all the Guiness-induced mayhem. Henry Webb and his band, the Bootwork,s were playing a show at Firebug.

I showed up to a modestly packed venue, given the date and related events, to find Kevin positioned on the right of the stage with wine in hand. I was just in time to capture a performance by Leicester band Dreamcage.

Dreamcage are a three-piece band made up of Ed Storer on Guitar and Vocals, Carys Maggs on Bass and Max Kennedy on Drums. The band released their debut single Fairweather Friend (also the name of an awesome track by 90’s band Symposium, go check that out) last year and have been busy on the local circuit with shows at Leicester’s venues.

I was impressed by the band’s blend of catchy riffs, gritty vocals, pounding drums and creative basslines. Dreamcage have a sound which is similar to bands like Kyuss, Sucioperro and Ruben but also very much their own.

Dreamcage. Photo (c) by Kevin Gaughan

Following Dreamcage were The Barratts from Northampton. The Barratts manage to blend the indie sound from bands like the Bluetones and Cast from the 90’s to Hard-Fi amd the Coral in the Noughties and make it into their own sound.

The band have a loyal, large local following, some of which had made the trip to support them tonight. They played through a blistering set which included the new single Crooked Mile.

Definitely one to keep an out for in future.

The Barratts. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Finally came the turn of main act Henry Webb and the Bootworks to take the stage.

Henry is a local lad who now resides in Northampton but continues to play in Leicester bands, the band took to the stage all dressed in jumpsuits Henry in a particularly striking Floral patterned jumpsuit.

Henry Webb & The Bootworks. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

The band are made up of musicians from other local bands which keeps them busy with gigs and this is demonstrated by the level of the musicianship on display, particularly the way each instrument worked with each other to weave a canvas of sound.

You can tell there are a lot of influences which are merged together to create a unique sound which can at points have an indie feel with a math rock rhythm section.

Tracks Overgrown and New Boy stood out in particular.

The rhythm section was very impressive tonight, including an incredible bass solo by bassist Esme which seemed to impress her so much it knocked her off her feet!

Esme from Henry Webb & The Bootworks. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Henry Webb and the Bootworks might be a relatively new band but with members that hold the level of experience and musicianship of a band that have been together for a greater period of time.

Videos from the gig:


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