Gig review – Maxdmyz at Firebug, Saturday 7th May 2022

Maxdmyz. Photo (c) Alex Velikova

with Monachopsis, Voidwalker and The Night I Burned

On the 7th of May I got to enjoy a gig at one of my favourite places in the world, Firebug. It did start off a bit turbulent, as we found ourselves without a photographer and I had just finished work so I was left with two options: a phone or to send one of the members of Monachopsis on a wild goose chase throughout my house to try and find my camera (I’m sorry Kieran!). Sadly, my camera was not found and the camera which was kindly lent to us by a different member of Monachopsis died, which is why the photos accompanying this review are not as great as usual. I can only apologise! But shout out to everyone on the day who got dragged into the photography saga.

The night was kicked off by The Night I Burned, who powered through and played a phenomenal instrumental set, as their vocalist was unable to attend the gig. As hard as that must have been for them to work around they delivered such a good performance that was clearly enjoyed by the whole crowd.

The guys are such phenomenal musicians and very much held their own without vocals. The only thing that I was a little disappointed with was that the Synyster Gates signature guitar didn’t make an appearance tonight, but that is all down to me being the ultimate fangirl and has absolutely nothing to do with the amazing performance that these guys gave.

Definitely check these guys out, as they are a fantastic band that is great with and without vocals as proven by today.

Voidwalker were up next, they are one of those bands which I have seen a few times already and I must say, I am never disappointed with them.

Their progressive death metal style always translates really well into live performances. All of their members bring their own unique energy to the stage and it’s always a delight seeing them. If you haven’t heard the EP they dropped in November yet, you need to go check it out right now it’s an absolute treat. I am really interested in seeing exactly what’s next for these guys as they have a bright future ahead.

Next up we had probably one of my most favorite bands to see live: Monachopsis. Who, as always, were absolutely electrifying on stage. I started off their set at the bar doing shots with some of the amazing people who had come out for the evening, which caused me to miss Will head-butting Kieran’s guitar approximately 30 seconds into their set. But they were still so amazing to see live I didn’t even know about the whole head-butting thing until after the set, which just shows how good these guys are at putting on a show.

Seeing these guys tonight was an oddly emotional experience, as it took me back to seeing them for the first time ever at The Shed and I was simply blown away once I thought about exactly how far these guys have gone as musicians. If you want to support these guys, definitely have a look at all of the new merch which they are bringing out and keep an eye out for new music.

Monachopsis. Photo (c) Alex Velikova

Finally, we had the headliners Maxdmyz, who were nothing like anything I had ever heard before. As I found out while chatting to their lovely lead singer they actually started as a drum and bass band but with metal and guitars thrown in. Which is an influence which you can absolutely hear when seeing them perform.

I wasn’t quite sure if gun fingers or metal horns were the appropriate hand sign for their set so I did both and I had a great time. They truly were an experience, and I really enjoyed myself during their set. The drummer was a massive highlight for me as his style was really captivating.

Maxdmyz. Photo (c) Alex Velikova

Overall, if you are looking for a band that is something completely unique I would definitely recommend giving these guys a listen. You can find their store and all the streaming services they are on their page.

Overall this was another fun and booze filled night in Firebug and those night with great people are what is so great about the Leicester music scene.

Reviewed by Alex Velikova.

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