Gig review – OK Cane at The Musician, Monday 1st November 2021

OK Cane. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Despite being a fairly small band, the excitement for OK Cane that was brimming in the venue was palpable. Everyone wanted to be at the front, close to the action, which made for a fantastic atmosphere.

There was no act supporting OK Cane at this gig, but it wasn’t needed. The crowd was hyped from the moment the doors opened and when the trio finally came on there was no need for them to settle in, they were raring to go.

OK Cane came on stage to an extremely warm welcome from the crowd, proving that they’ve already garnered a fan base which is impressive.
I won’t lie, I was a little worried going into the gig considering how young the band are. I was concerned that they wouldn’t have had enough experience to really hone their skills – which would have been completely understandable I might add. But my fears were immediately quashed.

OK Cane. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

OK Cane have an unbelievably mature ability despite their young ages. From their lead singer’s powerful vocals and insane ability on guitar to the bass player’s crazy bass riffs to the incredible drum solos from their drummer, OK Cane have got the whole band thing sorted down to a tee.

As a collective they meld together unbelievably well, complimenting each other’s abilities and letting their talents shine individually as well as working together as a cohesive band.

OK Cane opened with a Morrissey cover and ended with a Stone Roses cover with the rest of their set being made up by originals. Not only is their musical ability incredible, but their songwriting capabilities blew me away too. Considering their original songs stood up in quality alongside some of the indie greats is almost unbelievable.

OK Cane. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

I have to say, the OK Cane gig was one of those rare occasions where the band sounded as good, if not better, in a live setting.

My personal favourite was the song which they ended their first set with Walking Wounded, but I’d also give an honourable mention to Wait which contained one of the most epic drum solos I’ve ever witnessed live.

Their second set was rockier which certainly pleased the crowd who went wild for every song.

OK Cane slowed it down a little on a few tracks, most notably Cut Off which gave a prime opportunity for lead singer Harrison to show off his powerful vocal range and ability.

Overall though, the gig was loud and energetic, though never overwhelming.

I’d highly recommend everyone check out OK Cane for some terrific indie bangers, and don’t be put off by their ages, they truly sound like they’ve been doing this music thing for decades.

Watch OK Cane perform Bring you down at the gig

Set list:

Set 1

1. Last of the Famous (International Playboys) – cover Morrissey
2. Pointless pride
3. Wait
4. Out in your ear
5. Cut off
6. Walking Wounded

Set 2

1. Grave City
2. Why can’t you see
3. Red Berry Joy Town – cover – the Wonderstuff
4. Bring you down
5. Before you go
6. I am the resurrection – cover – The Stone Roses

Reviewed by Nanci Rawsthorne

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