Gig review – SoundHive Social at Duffy’s Bar, Thursday 13th June 2024

Amy Dx. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

with Kenton Hall, Becky Foord and Amy Dx

Written by Trevor Locke

Hailing originally from Canada, Kenton Hall has graced the music scene of Leicester for a very long time.

Known for his albums with extensive collections of songs, Kenton Hall showed us tonight what a great entertainer he is, apart from being an excellent song-writer and superb singer. With songs such as Holly Says, Make Her Proud and Lick of Paint on his set list, it was clear that we were being treated to a musician of note. With his winning formula of talk, sing, talk, sing … Hall was an engaging artist who kept his audience spellbound. His song about falling in love came with the warning, “This will not end well.” His way with words was portrayed when he said to his audience, “My pain is your pleasure and that is how the world should work!”.

Kenton Hall. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

I remember him when he was the lead singer for his band with the unusual name of IST. Hall’s first album ideopath was released in 2022. His band – IST – released three albums and many singles and EPs between 2001 and 2010. In his final number of the set, Hall got the audience singing along with his song The Sun Shone Down. The whole set was a very memorable experience.

Listen to Kenton Hall on Soundcloud here.

Becky Foord. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Two more performers followed Kenton Hall’s set. The first was Becky Foord whose beautiful voice and excellent guitar playing enchanted the audience. Hailing from Yorkshire, she now lives in Loughborough and her song I’ll See You was composed in memory of the family farm on which she grew up. On a similar note, I liked her song called Annie’s Garden as well as her brand new one Old on Water.

Foord’s performance was delightful if not enchanting.

Amy Dx. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

The final act of the show was Amy DX, a musician from Leicester, who accompanied herself on keyboard. Her voice ably conveyed the emotion of her songs.

Altogether a really good evening of live music; one thing I noted was the audience stayed put throughout the whole evening. Except me, who had to leave early to get the last bus home.

Watch a snippet of Becky Foord’s performance below:


Watch a snippet of Amy Dx’s performance below:


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