Gig review – Spellgaze at The Big Difference, Friday 19th January 2024

Spellgaze. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

with Paste. and Vienna

Reviewed by Trevor Locke

On the line-up tonight, Leicester band Spellgaze, Paste (from Nottingham) and Vienna (from Birmingham.)

The show opened with Paste. To me, they sounded like punk with a large dose of metal. Actually it was a blend of genres, Whatever it might have been, the music was certainly exciting. They played to a full room.

It was a pretty good start to the evening. There was plenty of punch in what they were doing. Clearly, a band with a high degree of talent. The band set the tone for the evening.

Paste.. Photo ©  Kevin Gaughan

Vienna, from Birmingham, said this was their first time in Leicester. They provided good beats and a captivating performance.

Lots of bouncy beats and notable notes made their music come alive. It’s all about the rhythm and they had plenty of that. The band’s fast-paced songs went down well with the audience who were packed in, warming the room on a cold evening.

Vienna. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Spellgaze, alternative rock from Leicester influenced by Radiohead, Slowdive and Nirvana amongst others. The interview with Kevin on Hermitage FM (listen here) introduced them as “grunge, goth, rockers” inspired. Always good to see a local band headline at a packed-out show.

The band formed last April and have played some gigs at local venues including Firebug and OMC. Previously they were called Ethereal.

Loved the guitar solos which soared over the music. Songs laden with punch and resonance. They had an extensive set list and I particularly liked Abyss, Aneurysm and their new tune, Nosferatu, although all their songs were good.

Spellgaze. Photo  © Kevin Gaughan

It was all about the excitement of the music and there was no shortage of that. Songs with verve, vitality and lashings of life. Plenty of variety in their set.

On stage they looked like they were enjoying themselves – dancing to the music. A varied sound reflecting their fiery cocktail of genres and influences.

A new member of the band introduced – I think that might have been Pedro who is from Brazil. Strong vocals from the lead singer. I think this is a band that is well worth seeing. Hopefully will see them again soon, here in Leicester.

They have enjoyed much popularity since they started and I, for one, will be one of their fans.

The band has released an EP called Cast Your Spell. There is a story behind this piece.

All in all a very good gig; I enjoyed being back at the venue.

The last time I was there it was called The Cookie Jar. Now, the venue has close connections with the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Find out more about Spellgaze at and on main social media platforms.

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