Gig review – Virginia’s Wolves at Firebug, Saturday 8th July 2023

Virginia's Wolves. Photo (c) Imogen Cresswell

with Rogue Notion, Boilers, Kath Moskvina and Venus Attax

Reviewed by Imogen Cresswell

Organised by Unglamerous Music

On the 8th of July, a handful of bands associated with the Unglamorous Project teamed together in a successful effort to raise money for the charity Changing Faces – a charity that promotes awareness and support for those with visible differences. It was an outstanding night, ran by some incredible women, in which they all teamed together and raised just over £600!

Headliners Virginia’s Wolves were interviewed by me previously, in which they stated their goals and what we would be in for.

Starting the night was Rogue Notion, following a welcome from the individual representing the charity: Chrissie.

Rogue Notion gave us some rhythmic and uplifting tunes, which raised the spirits of the audience, in preparation for Boilers.

Boilers are an incredible band, often referring to relatable life experiences, such as supplementing vitamins because we “have to”.  The humour and the chemistry seemed effortless for these lively rockers and they are always an excellent addition to any line-up.

Kath Moskvina and Venus Attax continued to add emphasis to the night, showcasing their talent through their experiences with the Unglamorous Project and unionising the room with music that is familiar and representing women in music.

Finally, Virginia’s Wolves entered the stage with an explosive start, engaging the audience with Lucy’s incredible time signature changes on the drums, dual vocals from Chrissie and Dina, leading guitaring from Lizzy and the overall admirable relationship as a band.

I was pleased to see their stage presence has improved since their first gig, where the passion for music becomes visible even from the very back of the room. This band leaves an impression, particularly during call and response in their song Feedback where the audience swiftly knew what to chant back.
I would also like to acknowledge the band’s song I Am Woman, a song that empowered many during the International Women’s Day gig at Firebug. This song resonated with many people during the night, and strongly supported the message that having any visible difference should not limit your potential so long as you know who you are.

Well done Virginia’s Wolves for an incredible night, and to all the other bands.

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