How to get your gig review published

If you want to get your gig review

published on this magazine

this is how to do it.

We publish reviews of live music in Leicester and Leicestershire; we publish reviews of Leicester bands and artists performing elsewhere in the UK. We also publish reviews of bands that are not from Leicester/shire but only when they come here to perform.

If you want to get a review published here, this is how to do it.

Go to the gig

If you have agreed with us that you will write a gig review (on a specific date), we will arrange for you to get a free ticket to the show. We will certainly try to but it’s up to the promoter of the event to grant us press access. If we publish a review of a live music event, someone must have been there to see it.

Watch the bands

You can review the whole gig or just one or two acts;  our reviews are based on being present at a show.   We do not publish reviews unless someone was actually there on the night.

We cover all genres of music.  We cover bands, singers, acoustic acts, hip-hop artists – as long as it’s music, we will review it.

To help you write a good review, we have on-line resources you can access.  We can help you with style guides, lists of words and phrases  to use and plenty more on-line help, if you need it.

See our style guide for this magazine

it gives guide-lines on how to write and on layout and typography.

Get the pictures

Most reviews come with photos;  if it’s a really important gig we can arrange for a photographer to be at the show. If you can take your own photos (even with a good quality camera phone) we can use your pics. They have to be good though! Set your camera to the highest resolution in its settings. Send in your photos unedited.  We will do any cropping or resizing that is necessary.

We edit your stuff

When we get your draft review, we will edit it for spelling, grammar and style. So, even if your English is not that hot, don’t worry, it will not go live until our editors have been through it.

Your get name out there

All reviews are by-lined – if you wrote it, it’s your views and your name will be credited to the article.  All photos are also credited.

Do it now

Contact us to tell us you are interested;  either if you have a gig you want to review or if you want to be given a gig to review, contact us.


Just in case you are wondering, we do not pay for contributions or reviews.  Our magazine is free to readers and we do not get paid to write stuff. All we ask is to be given a free ticket to a gig in order to get in, see it and write about.

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