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Oliver Kidd-Martin and Josh Pears of 8 Miles High

3rd December 2013

New young band

8MilesHigh to play at Musician

One of the most promising young bands to emerge on the Leicester music scene this year (2013)  is booked to play at the Musician on 10th December.

MIL saw them at The Shed when they auditioned for the Glastonbudget festival 2014.

When we wrote about 8MilesHigh back in September we said

Oliver (lead singer) showed real rock-star quality. Some acts are said to have “the X-factor” and he makes them look tame.  For a group of 15 and 16 year olds this was particularly outstanding.  If 8Miles High can continue doing sets like tonight’s, they will go a very long way up the ladder. Their set ticked all the boxes:  kilowatts of energy, strong commitment, ability to deliver famous covers with real conviction, original songs that have got it, lots of sparkle … they delivered a beltin’ set that you seldom see from new bands. [Music in Leicester]

We asked lead singer Oliver Kidd-Martin to tell us something about the group:

Oliver K from 8 MilesHigh
Oliver K from 8 MilesHigh

Trevor: Tell us about 8Miles High – how did the band start?

Oliver:  Well, I was in a band in high school and it was shit so I left it and decided to start one so I asked my mate if he knew anyone who plays bass and guitar and drums and he literally turned around and pointed to Josh and Harry and said they do, Elliott arrived later when our old drummer left and we were interviewing drummers and Elliott started to play and we instantly said, “yes you!” And we’ve been a band for over a year and a half now.

Trevor: When did the band plays its first gig and how did it go?

Oliver:  Our first gig was at the Old Plough in Birstall and it went flawlessly, you anticipate what something is gonna be like before it happens and when it does happen in our case, it’s better!

Trevor: If you could have one wish – to play with a really big UK band – which one would it be?

Oliver:  I couldn’t answer for the whole band because we all have different tastes but if me personally I could choose, I’d go back in time and play with the Beatles.

Trevor:  OK, you personally Oliver, if you could play with a really big Leicester band, which one would it be?

Oliver: I’d love to play with a band called Beneath The Lights that we played with at The Y Theatre, they were awesome!

Trevor:  what makes you such a good singer and front-man?

Oliver:  To be honest, it’s natural. I can’t not move when I’m on stage, seeing artists like jimi Hendrix and John Mayer move with their guitars, I try to replicate them but add my own little things. The stage is my zone, and when I’m in the zone, there are no restrictions and I just go for it and give my heart plus everything I’ve got. With my singing, I believe that you develop a style when you fail to sound like the person you’re trying to sing like, and you notice you do things differently to them and you start to use those anomalies hence developing a style.

Trevor:  Fingers crossed for Glastonbudget [8MilesHigh has auditioned for this festival] , but which other festivals would the band like to play in 2014?

Oliver: Glastonbury is our goal, but we’d love to explore the country and hit every corner of it.

8MilesHigh will be appearing at the Musician on 10th December with a lineup of other local bands in a show put on by Wake Up Promotions.

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