Listening post – January

Kevin Hewick Photo Rob Gurney of Digital Mechanic

Listening post

January 2014

Albums, EPs, CDs and singles in our in tray

A quick sort through the plastic that we have in recently

The Brandy Thieves

Stories from the cellar – a CD, issued in 2013 by Leicester band The Brandy Thieves

Five tracks plus a bonus track.


Joe Hawkin’s project, April 33. offers  12 tracks from this Electronic/rock/trip-hop/goth/metal Leicester band


Caroline Mlavy - Electrostatic
Caroline Mlavy – Electrostatic

is the title of a CD from Caroline Mclavy, 11 tracks, listen to some on her web site.

Flying Kangaroo Alliance

Flying Kangaroo Alliance by Rob Gurney
Flying Kangaroo Alliance by Rob Gurney

Meri Everitt’s band brought out a CD in 2013 of the band’s alternative, grunge punk songs.

Follow them on Facebook.


Four songs on this self-titled album from this Leicester metal-core band.

Listen on the Invictus band web site

Kevin Hewick – The Heat of Molton Diamonds

Kevin Hewick Photo Rob Gurney of Digital Mechanic
Kevin Hewick
Photo Rob Gurney of Digital Mechanic

Watch out for our review of wonderful album from one of Leicester legendary singer-writers.

See Kevin Hewick’s web site

The Kirkland Turn – Madness and Faith

Alternative music from this Leicester trio.

Nine tracks, 2013.  Follow The Kirkland Turn on their blog.


We were thrilled by the music of Layers when we saw them at the Firebug last year.

This band from Birmingham has a fresh and original sound and if you can get their self-titled album it would be well worth listening to.

Fine rock/alternative 5 tracks, 2013

Layers on Facebook

Life is a CD from Stu Crown

Musician and singer, songwriter Stu Crown is known as the lead singer from The Bobcats.

This five track CD from SpacePony Records, 2013, illustrates his work in the area of blues rock.

Stu Crown on Facebook | The BobCats

Luzon Bleeding Heart

Luzon Bleeding Heart by Rob Gurney
Luzon Bleeding Heart by Rob Gurney

Gatecrash The Waltz is the single from Leicester’s alternative electro rockers.

Luzon Bleeding Heart on Facebook

The Monday Club

A promo from The Monday Club is well worth having. Bluesy, soulful, indie rock from this Sheffield band whose appearance in Leicester was very memorable. Tony Teeth Records, 2013.

The Monday Club on Facebook

Sofa Surfin’

Nottingham singer and songwriter Josh Kemp offers a fine selection of songs on his EP Sofa Surfin‘.

Five very listenable tunes from Josh Kemp

Super 73

Super73  an Alternative-Rock band from central England; emerging from the ashes of previous bands – Themselves, Ictus and Citizen Smith – a fine set of songs, interestingly packaged, 8BP Records, 2013. Debut EP.

Super73 on Facebook

That’s the run down.

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