Midnight Wire

Midnight Wire

Saturday 6th April 2014

Midnight Wire at The Firebug

Words: Trevor Locke, Photos © Mat Borland Photography

One of Leicester’s top bands Midnight Wire was at the Firebug tonight with a strong supporting line-up.

On stage tonight: Saccades, The Dead Shoot, Soundtrack, Midnight Wire.

Midnight Wire headlined tonight’s show, in celebration of the launch of their new single All For You.

Midnight Wire's Jamie Fallon by Mat Borland
Midnight Wire’s Jamie Fallon
by Mat Borland

Now with new guitarist Jamie Fallon (ex Leaving Party), Alex Van Roose led the band in the vocals and guitar, with Arjun Johal on bass and vocals and Nik Green on Drums.

Midnight Wire by Mat Borland
Midnight Wire
by Mat Borland

Also noted as a popular and entertaining solo singer and songwriter, the one thing you can say about Alex Van Roose is that he is highly talented front-man. Part singer, part stand-up comedian, “Rooster” is a phenomenon on the Leicester music scene and tonight he was on top form.

Midnight Wire's Alex Van Roose by Mat Borland
Midnight Wire’s Alex Van Roose
by Mat Borland

At one point he got a member of the audience to come up on stage and join in with the chorus of ‘Excuses‘; later he was off the stage and on the floor, singing to fans and rolling about, much to everyone’s amusement.

Watch Midnight Wire performing Excuses at the Y Theatre


  • Lead singer Alex Van Roose was in Leicester’s hit band The Heroes
  • Alex has performed at the Glastonbury festival
  • Alex works as a guitar teacher
  • Singers of Distinction 2013 featured a set by Alex 
  • MW’s influences are quoted as Two Door Cinema Club, Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Strokes, The Libertines 
  • Their first worldwide release ‘Oh Lola’ received national radio play and was toured with Midnight Wire’s debut 35 date headline UK tour. 
  • Their second release ‘Not Just Selfish’ received worldwide radio play and was also toured extensively. The track has now racked up over 70,000 views which is an astonishing feat for any unsigned band.

Midnight Wire has, since its launch in 2011, produced one hit song after another: each one having memorable melodies and intensely exciting delivery. Songs rich in catchy rhythms, fired by beltin’ beats and driven by punchy passions, mark out Midnight Wire as a premier league indie band.

Tonight we heard Excuses, Running Forever, Honey (the band’s first song, it was recorded by Dean Jackson of The Beat programme , Not Just Selfish and others.

Tonight Midnight Wire released their latest track All For You (copies of which were on sale at the gig) a dancey song that cantered down the home straight, full of rocky riffs and bouncy breaks.

Midnight Wire’s debut album ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is due for release 2014.

Soundtrack's Mark Ryman-Tubb by Mat Borland
Soundtrack’s Mark Ryman-Tubb
by Mat Borland

Leicester’s Soundtrack is a band we have written about before, a few times. Soundtrack played at the third anniversary gig of local venue The Soundhouse, back in October of last year. We commented ‘Mark is a front-man with an extra-ordinary charisma and the band, as whole, had plenty of impact, putting out songs that had impact and dynamism‘.

A seriously good band, what brings Soundtrack’s music to life is the charismatic fronting and vocals of Mark Ryman-Tubb. On the band’s Facebook page it says ‘An innovative fusion of folk, funk and rock with powerful vocals, complex guitar, rhythmic bass lines and seamless drums.’ I couldn’t improve on that, other than to say tonight’s set was very impressive; another band that deserves wider recognition.

The Deadshoot By Mat Borland
The Deadshoot
By Mat Borland

From Leicester, The Dead Shoot has been establishing itself as solidly good blues rock band. The band’s singer Craig Bennett has been delivering some creditable performances, singing well and backing his vocals with a vigorous stage presence. The band’s songs are powerful and passionate, having a likeable blues rock alternative feel; not the same feel as you get with the 12-bar blues of the legendary Bobcats, but ear-pleasing and enjoyable nonetheless. Back in January the band supported the Harrowbrooks at The Firebug; we said ‘The quartet is led by the amazing voice and stage show of singer Craig Bennett whose performance tonight sparkled with verve and packed a punch.’ Tonight’s set was good: compelling rhythms, plenty of punch and music with considerable vibrancy. This is also band that deserves wider recognition.

Saccades at the Firebug By Mat Borland
Saccades at the Firebug
By Mat Borland

Saccades, from Nuneaton, a four piece band delivered a set of good, melodic songs with plenty of strong vocals and vibrant sounds.

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