preacher and the bear band
Preacher & The Bar at the Riverside Festival 2012

10th May 2016

Leicester’s music history and heritage

Today we launch a project – to bring together, in the pages of the this magazine – an historical account of the popular music of Leicester and Leicestershire.

In a series of articles we will document the growth and development of music in this area.

Some philosophers say that you cannot fully understand the present without knowing the past. Be that as it may, there is always a delight in looking back to the bands and gigs that we knew and loved. Today’s bands and shows will pass into history and if you know and love them now, you  will want to look back and recollect the good times we all had and the music that delighted and entertained us then.

This page will provide a guide to the content of MIL’s history pages – as well as the #history tag you will see in the tag listing on the right →

We have already published a page that celebrated the bands of 2008.

Our sister magazine, Arts in Leicester, has published a series of articles on the history of music in Leicester. These will eventually be re-published here but the articles that are currently available are:

The Music of Today. This article covers the period from 2005 to 2014 and was originally published in Arts in leicester magazine. It now appears in the blog of writer Trevor Locke.

Music Technology – a look at how changes in the way we listened to music shaped our musical tastes. This was originally published on the arts in Leicester website but is now available on my blog.

These pages will be brought across into this magazine.

This page will list all the articles that form part of our history of music pages. Please book-mark it and come back to it again later.

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