Music Media 2016

mike kerslake and Ed stagg
Mike Kerslake being interviewed by Ed Stagg in 2013

Music Media in 2016

This page brings up to date earlier pages about the media in Leicester and Leicestershire.

On this page:  Radio Stations

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Radio stations

Demon FM

Go to the main website for Demon FM.

BBC Radio Leicester

Go to the BBC page for Radio Leicester.

Find out about Hermitage FM, with John Sinclair and Kevin Gaughan

Hermitage FM 2014
Hermitage FM 2014

Hermitage FM

Takeover Radio

Takeover Radio is a charity operated community radio station broadcasting on 103.2 FM across to UK city of Leicester and to the world on the internet. The station is operated entirely by the charity Takeover Radio Childrens Media Trust and specialises in training young people (ages 8-16) in the industry of radio and media, thus giving them experience in first hand presentation and production.

birnin clintus takeover radio
Burnin’ Clint’uns on Takeover Radio in 2013

See the Takeover Radio web site | Follow Made in Leicester on Facebook.

Get the latest news about bands on Takeover Radio

Radio 2-Funky

Available on-line, this radio station is probably the best for Hip-hop, Funk and African and Caribbean sounds.

Radio 2 Funky

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