New Leicester Duo Elysian

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New Leicester Duo ‘Elysian’ to launch at Gig at Pi Bar

by Olly stabler

A new duo acoustic duo has been formed by Celia Allsop and Lon Fisher named ‘Elysian‘. The duo is set to launch properly under this new name with a gig at Pi Bar in Leicester on January 25th.

Elysian explained to us that the name “relates to or characteristic of heaven or paradise” and described their music as “blues, jazz and rock all in a neat, ska/reggae shaped package. Sexy, soulful and jazzy.” Fortunately, we had a chance to see the pair perform at the open mic before they had named themselves at The Soundhouse in the summer of 2013 and they definitely put on a good performance and proved to all just how talented they are. Both performers work well with each other and put a lot of soul and passion into their music.

Elysian recently posted a few recordings onto soundcloud, which, Lon has told me, were recorded in a friend’s attic using a lamp stand as a mic stand! Truly makeshift recording with a real vintage sound.

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23rd July

At the Soundhouse I saw a new act that I liked. I thought their material was fresh and original.  They were Lon Fisher and Celia Allsop.


Check out track ‘Stoned’ here.

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