Sean Grant & The Wolfgang at the OBS March 1st

16th March 2014

Original Bands Showcase 2014

Each year, for the past ten years, the OBS has been a feature of Leicester’s annual music scene. The series of weekly shows presents both newly-formed and established bands in a showcase of Leicester’s musical talent.

Most of the bands seen at the OBS are from Leicester, Leicestershire or nearby Midlands counties. The range of musical styles is wide but excludes some of the more hardcore types. A variety of prizes are offered to bands that are chosen by the judges to go through to the grand final.

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Dates of the OBS shows in 2014


Strangler Figs at OBS February 28th
Strangler Figs at OBS February 28th

Friday 28th : The Blazing Owls, Six Broken Sticks, Silent Sons, Strangler Figs, Wet Lettuce & the Magik Bean (Strangler Figs went through to the semi-final)


Black Mesa at the OBS on March 1st
Black Mesa at the OBS on March 1st

Saturday 1st : Phoenix Salvation, Spartan Skyline, Black Mesa and Sean Grant & The WolfGang (Spartan Skyline went through to the semi-final)

Friday 14th : The Bench That Rocked, 8 Miles High, The World Can Wait and Afterthought Playground (8MilesHigh went through to the semi-final)

Friday 15th : Beneath The Lights, Murmur, Chambers and Suicide B’s

Friday 21st : Strike Up The Colours, The Deadshoots, Linear, Part Of The Problem and Abandon Her

Saturday 22nd : Roll 13s, Stop That Train, Friendly Enemies and Steady Hands

Friday 28th : Ash Mammal, Tapesty and The Della Grants plus more t.b.c.


Saturday 12th : Callback (some bands get to play again)

Saturday 26th : Original Bands Showcase: Semi-Final 1


Saturday 3rd May – Semi-final 2

Saturday 17th May – The grand final

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Because the Arts in Leicester magazine website has changed, articles are no longer available on-line; hence, the reports for The OBS in 2013, 2012 and 2011 are no longer available on-line. Music in Leicester plans to re-publish these article as part of our archiving project.

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