Oxjam 2015 Acts

Toby Leonard in November 2015 at the Oxjam festival.

Acts that performed at Oxjam Leicester Takeover 2015

(taken from the printed programme)

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Abandon Her Manhattan34
Andrew Lee Orton Square
Ash Mammal Midas
Aztec Temples The Soundhouse
Bellatones The Ale Wagon
Beth Morris The Exchange
Blacktooth The Ale Wagon
Blue Skies In June The Exchange
Budgies Uncaged Manhattan34
Captain Ipod The Shed upstairs
Caroline Francess Manhattan34
Channel 92 The Soundhouse
Chris Bramley Manhattan34
Christopher Moody and the Underground Kings The Ale Wagon
Chuck Harriet Midas
Colossloth The Shed downstairs
Courtney Askey Midas
Crouching Tiger Midas
Dan Kent Orton Square
Dawn of Anubis The Shed upstairs
Dead Question The Soundhouse
Dirty Scrougin’ Bastards The Shed downstairs
DJ The Shed downstairs
DJ Yuca Manhattan34
Dragon Attak Midas
Dust & Debris Manhattan34
Edd Saffell The Exchange
Elysian Manhattan34
Emily Carr Manhattan34
English Guns The Shed downstairs
Evie Ward Manhattan34
Ex & Wye Dielelectric
Fighting Evil Is Cool The Exchange
Flight 15 The Shed upstairs
Four Foot Drop The Shed upstairs
Fourteen Down The Soundhouse
Frank Sparrow Orton Square
Goldstein The Shed downstairs
Goo Midas
Grace Jenkinson Manhattan34
GrayStarr The Soundhouse
Great Imitation Dielelectric
Hannah Haley Manhattan34
Homeless Shakespeare Midas
Ian Bourne Manhattan34
IBISCO Dielelectric
Initial Thought Manhattan34
Instrumental Sam Midas
Intro + Dave & Hibword Orton Square
Isaac Bloomfield Manhattan34
Ishi Khan-Jackson Orton Square
IVMK The Shed downstairs
Jack Bishop Midas
Jack Britton Orton Square
James Cull The Exchange
Jams Midas
Jesuscarfish Midas
Joe Connor Manhattan34
Joe Smith The Ale Wagon
Jonezy The Exchange
Josh Kemp Manhattan34
Josh Pears Midas
Kenneth J Nash The Ale Wagon
Kieran McCavana Midas
Lambone Splinter The Ale Wagon
Last Edition The Exchange
Last Sons Dielelectric
Laurence Wood Trio The Ale Wagon
Les Hayden Midas
Lewys Holt Orton Square
Little Dead Town The Soundhouse
Loanseki Orton Square
Lydia Mason Midas
Matt Henshaw The Soundhouse
Matt Hollins Orton Square
Midcity The Exchange
Midnight Wire The Soundhouse
Milly Reed & Mayne The Ale Wagon
Mr. Plow The Ale Wagon
Mr. Shay Orton Square
Multimorph Midas
Nameless Snakes The Shed upstairs
Neumonics Midas
Ninja Bob (DJ set) Orton Square
No! Disco The Shed upstairs
Nylon 9 The Shed downstairs
Once Vagrant Souls Manhattan34
one4six21 Orton Square
Oscar Prince Manhattan34
Over The Influence The Shed upstairs
Part Of The Problem Dielelectric
Pembroke Tenneson The Exchange
Poetman Orton Square
Quadra Midas
Richard Diaz The Ale Wagon
Ridlaa FM Dielelectric
Robert Kelly Manhattan34
Ronoc The Exchange
Rubberneck The Shed upstairs
Ruthie Coles Manhattan34
Saxophone Sam Midas
Sepia Sun Midas
Sinsam (DJ set) Orton Square
SKAM The Shed upstairs
Skytribe (hula hooping) Orton Square
Stephen Thomas Orton Square
The Activators The Exchange
The Amber Herd Midas
The Bowbridge Band The Shed upstairs
The Hardy Band Manhattan34
The Kevin Hewick Trio The Exchange
The Midnight Dogs The Shed upstairs
The Notorious Dawson Bros The Ale Wagon
The Red Monroes The Soundhouse
The Ruby Doo’s Manhattan34
The Sedations The Shed downstairs
The Silentsons The Exchange
The Simpletones The Exchange
The Vanishing Point The Soundhouse
The Wax Lyrical Sound The Soundhouse
The Wax Lyrical Sound Dielelectric
The World Can Wait The Shed upstairs
Toby Joe Leonard Orton Square
Toby Joe Leonard Manhattan34
Tom Lewitt The Soundhouse
Tony Alles Manhattan34
Tony le Tigre Orton Square
Tribal Fusion (bellydancing) Orton Square
UG Dielelectric
UKID Dielelectric
Wallbird (music) Orton Square
WiseAss Orton Square
Wiseass The Shed downstairs

(These were the participating acts as printed in the official programme. That does not mean that all of them actually played.)

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