Preview – Echobelly acoustic at The Cookie, Wednesday 15th May 2019

Debuting in 1993, Echobelly are a British rock band consisting of 4 members; Ash Hall, Glenn Johannson, Oliver McKiernan & Sonya Madan.

Their highest reaching single, Great Things, hit number 13 in the UK charts in 1995, just before their best-selling album On reached the heights of no. 4 in the charts.

Morrisey and Blondie are amongst the influences for Echobelly and once you start listening to them, it really shows. After a short break starting in 2004, they came back together in 2009 and treated us to a brand new album in 2017 as well as a compilation album last year. The band are able to throw their audiences back to the 90’s from the very first song when they perform live. They preform hit after hit and it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about it.

The crowd are captured from the moment they walk on stage and even if you don’t know their music, it’s hard not to tap and bob along to their rhythm. Whilst the crowd may be older, the atmosphere is enough to get anyone excited about what is about to happen on stage.

Leicester’s The Cookie are lucky enough to be one of only 9 dates Echobelly are playing around the UK this month.

Tickets are £16.50 and can be found here.