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Jouska at Summer Art Trail Launch. Photo: Trevor Cobbe

Our roundup of recorded music

released in 2017

This page reviews music released in 2017 from bands, artists and musicians of Leicester.

Updated on 26th June.

The new stuff –

Fazed new single

The Fazed. Simon Says 2016.
Photo: Pascal Pereira Photography.

new single by The Fazed; see and hear it on YouTube.

Skum King EP by Earls

Earls. Album cover. Skum King. 2017

This EP by Leicester band Earls is the product of Anthony Lamb and George Prosser. Skum King is the title track with those memorable words I wanna get drunk and I wanna let laid, a song they frequently sing at their live performances. Followed by another iconic songs of theirs The Boys (Are Alright.) Sensate and Slog it Out complete the track list. We have reviewed Earls several times in this magazine. Personally, I liked this record; the duo have a style and a presence all of their own and their live performances are always memorable and eagerly awaited. Plenty of panache.

Skum King was released on 9th April 2017. More details and recordings on Bandcamp.

Love, hope and Peach

Peach. Album cover. Peach. 2017.

Matt Peach told us ‘I’ve got a new charity single coming out in the next couple of weeks. It’s the band’s debut single and is in support of the Love Hope Strength Foundation, the world’s leading music against cancer charity. ‘ Matt sent us the details:

UK rock band, Peach are set to release their debut single Now. The track was written as a single in support of the Love Hope Strength Foundation, the world’s leading music against cancer charity. Now was produced by and features Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard whose credits also include Lily Allen, Joe Strummer and Robbie Williams. Smiley also drums for Welsh rock band ‘The Alarm’. It was Alarm’s frontman and three times cancer survivor Mike Peters who initially co-founded the Love Hope Strength Foundation in 2007.

Now has good vocals and a vibrant and lively backing by the band; full of strong dynamics and ear-pleasing impact. The recording is clear and well balanced. Many musical styles add up to a spanking good tune.

Toby Joe Leonard – Pain Relief, the album.

Toby Joe Leonard at The Shed, 14th May 2017.

We went to Toby Joe’s launch night.

We said: ‘“It changed my perception of what I was writing about”, he explained as he talked through the background to the story of how the album was developed. Bad Dream is one of his songs that has strong and impactful lyrics. It was a moving experience. A set rich in messages and reflections, thoughtful and insightful. He came across as an article with a voice and a desire to share his experiences with his audience. His songs were delivered with real feeling and conviction and the audience was right behind him. ‘

Arcades : Phantom debut single

Arcades at the Cookie. 20th May 2017.

We saw Arcades in May. At the time I commented:  ‘ I have known its members, most of them, for a long time. Previously the lead singer and some of the musicians on tonight’s stage were members of Casino Empire.’ [Music in Leicester]

Distinctive vocals. Off the track – Get off your phones & open your ears. Smashing guitar riffs. Dazzling melodic impact. Nerve-tingling passages. A set of songs riven with rich rhythms and infectious beats. We loved it.

Stream Phantom now on soundcloud. Also Arcades – Phantom (Official Video) is on YouTube.  Discover more from Arcades on Spotify.

Dawson and the Dissenters – Going down

Published on Apr 4, 2017
Visit the website for Dawson & The Dissenters.

and what was here before –


Jouska LP review

by Keith Jobey

On the 4th February 2017, Leicester band Jouska released their self-titled debut LP with a launch show at Sumo.

An instrumental three-piece of guitar, bass and drums with vocal samples, Jouska declare that they ‘concoct warped rock ’n roll ’n post punk with generous lashings of psychedelia’. Having seen them play live a few times I can concur that they do indeed produce that concoction. In the studio they have self-recorded and mixed the album, allowing them ‘complete use of the studio as a creative tool’ they say. And it can clearly be heard in the end product. It’s an accomplished piece of work featuring some undeniably fine musicianship.

From album’s opening words ‘something for your mind, your body and your soul’ the first track develops and soon captures the intensity of their live shows. Guitar, bass and drums not so much battling it out for pole position, but allowing each other to take the lead and set the pace when required. They describe their record as ‘an aural tour of the band’s city by night; its ugliness and beauty fusing together into something spectacular, the mundane becoming fascinating, the tedium evaporating into the sky’.

The city of Leicester has many facets, which the album matches with changing styles and tempos, shape shifting throughout. It’s not often you hear David Attenborough sampled, but there he is on closing track Nature, alongside birdsong, as the album winds down towards its conclusion. An aural tour of the city by night indeed, and all of the lights are green for go!

Jouska LP is available on CD and download initially, with plans for a 12″ vinyl version sometime later.

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