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Last Edition at the Donkey. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

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17th July 2016

Last orders from ska band

A new track – Last Orders – has been released by Leicester Ska Lords, Last Edition.

Leicester band Last Edition in July 2014
Leicester band Last Edition in July 2014

You can watch it and listen to it on YouTube.

Our verdict:  an ear-pleasing track from this veteran band, well worth it for its infectious rhythms and foot-tapping beats. Taken from Last Edition’s debut album Best Foot Forward.

16th July 2016

Keep On Fighting

Keep On Fighting‘ – Jonezy feat. Gaitway Brothers

Published on 16 Jul 2016. Bullying is a huge issue among young people, often with desperate consequences. As well as the pain caused at the time, the effects can continue into adulthood and impact the next generation in a vicious cycle of negativity.

Keep on Fighting’ aims to give an honest and realistic image of the reality that so many young people endure. There are some key points we want to get across:

1. Bullying is a systematic abuse of power and often the victim cannot see an end to it. (A one-off act of verbal or emotional abuse is still serious but it is not bullying)

2. Hurt people hurt people. Bully’s are usually victims and behave the way they do for any number of complex reasons. They have often learned how to cause real emotional pain through bitter experience

3. A solution to bullying must involve a holistic approach that seeks to break the cycle of abuse by first tackling the loneliness and isolation at the root of it

The song itself has a double meaning. On one hand, it is a stream of consciousness from a victim of bullying telling a linear story of the victim’s struggle and his journey towards standing up for himself. However, the chorus hints on the deeper issue:

“You’re never gonna make me fall
I will keep on fighting
I’m gonna remain tall
I’ll be the one who’s winning”

On a first reading, this is the victim speaking. But look again and you will see how the bully might share these sentiments too. The need to ‘keep on fighting’ and to ‘be the one who’s winning’ are as much from the bully’s perspective as from the victim’s.

The story in the music video displays this visually as we see Jamie reaching out to Connor once the power has shifted in an act that might break the vicious cycle. Ultimately, we are left with a sense of hope that compassion and mercy can ultimately overcome anger and aggression.

Jonezy on stage in Humberstone Gate on Good Friday
Jonezy on stage in Humberstone Gate on Good Friday

Filmed, directed, edited: Philip Tod

Rapper: Jonezy

Vocals: Gaitway Brothers; New Scottish Youth Choir

Actors: Connor McKinley, Jamie Merser, Gaitway Brothers; Jonezy; New Scottish Youth Choir

Gaitway Brothers


Filmed on location in Glasgow city, Scotland

Buy track on iTunes


Watch it on YouTube

16th July 2016

Places from Aztec Temples

Conor Simpson of Aztec Temples
Conor Simpson of Aztec Temples

Places is the new single by Leicester band Aztec Temples. It’s a real
cracker. This band writes jolly good songs. Melodies that are immediate.

Ear-pleasing singing from Conor Simpson, delectable twangy string work from
Shay McDermott, it all adds up to one of those songs that stick in your
head. When it comes to pop, these guys have got it nailed.

Well worth a listen; and hopefully they will be playing it soon at one of
their gigs.

Watch it on Youtube

Now you see the video to go with the tune.

You can download a copy from Apple Music

Find out more about Aztec Temples from Leicester.

28th June 2016

Royal Arcade

Leicester band Royal Arcade has released Waste.

Royal Arcade at The Cookie - 25th June 2016. Photo: Keith Jobey
Royal Arcade at The Cookie – 25th June 2016.
Photo: Keith Jobey

Listen to Royal Arcade on Soundcloud.

from the EP Reverie.

GU-RU EP Launch

GU-RU announce Good Friday launch for debut E.P.
Psychedelic super-group GU-RU have chosen Friday 25th March 2016 (Good Friday) to release their eagerly anticipated 4-track debut – eponymously titled ‘GU-RU E.P.’. Leicester’s most exciting new band, who describe themselves as an “explosion of Cosmic Soul, Funk and Full-Tilt-Motor-Groove”, will launch their brilliant new record at ‘The Cookie’ (68 High Street, Leicester) – where they’re scheduled to support local favourites The David Wyatt Band.

Psychedelic group GU-RU from Leicester
Psychedelic group GU-RU from Leicester

GU-RU is a collaboration of three very talented, well known and critically-acclaimed local musicians; award-winning keyboardist / composer Lee Spreadbury, Bassist John Kenna & Drummer J Junior Kenna – the latter two being the dynamic rhythm section from local blues/rock legends Goldwater. For the past decade each (individually) has performed throughout the UK & Europe, working with renowned artists & bands including The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Alabama 3, Z-Star, Rosco Levee and The Southern Slide to name just a few.
GU-RU is the unique result of their collective experience and influences; an eclectic and melodic mix of vintage (1970s) keyboards & electric pianos, backed by crisp, unfussy drums and dextrous complex bass lines – drawing inspiration from past masters including The Doors, Rotary Connection, Return to Forever and Herbie Hancock.
Since forming in 2015, GU-RU have attracted a core following of loyal fans captivated by the band’s live shows – described as a “spell-binding performance of sonic delights and visual wonderments.”

See the band on Bandcamp. Check out the band’s Facebook page.

Stevie Jones and the Wildfires

Steve Jones & The Wildfires, album cover
Steve Jones & The Wildfires, album cover

ALBUM NEWS: ‘Stratigraphic Heart‘ will be fully internationally released on 01-04-2016
DIGITAL: It will be available to purchase at I Tunes, Deezer, eMusic, Mix Radio, Amazon and on our website. IT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO STREAM FOR FREE.

Find out more on Facebook.

Stevie Jones with his band on the acoustic stage in 2014
Stevie Jones with his band on the acoustic stage in 2014


Bands from Leicester

Aztec Temples

Aztec Temple's Connor Simpson. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.
Aztec Temple’s Connor Simpson. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Quite often I go home from a gig and by the time I get to the bus stop I cannot remember any of the songs I have just spent two hours listening to. Not so with Aztec Temples; their songs are still playing in my head all the way home. This is a band with truly memorable tunes. That is a rarity; it is one that makes this band stand out from all the others. Retreat is a good song; its rhythms are compelling; its lyrics are sticky; its melody is immediate. It has an infectious urgency. It grabs your ears and licks them.

Listen to Aztec Temples on Soundcloud.


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