Review – Honeyblood at The O2 Academy, Thursday 2nd May, 2019


with FEET

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka.
This gig was organised by The Cookie.

Even though O2 Academy didn’t get packed this night, it didn’t really matter. Sometimes it feels more special to experience something unique in the secrecy of the smaller crowd. Something like FEET and Honeyblood.

Forget everything you know about genres, cross-genres and labels. FEET are here to stomp upon you with unidentifiable, cheerfully dirty tunes that will temporarily soothe the pain of existence to crack your head open within seconds while they’re hedonistically laughing. It’s punk indie rock made in the garage for people who are bored of punk and indie.

FEET started off on the buzzy psychedelic foot and got me ironically/awkwardly boogieing with them to their wavy beats. After a few more of their weed mixed with speed kind of melodies, we got a taste of the newest single, Ad Blue, a beautifully ridiculous track with playful vocals and easy-going instrumental that involuntarily makes you smile. Yet, it was Petty Thieving that stole the show, the shouty verbal expression of that inner pretention to the world for wanting us to meet its impossible standards every day. They finished off with the second best, truly British tune, English Weather, advising us to ‘better pack an umbrella’ for the protection from dull British lethargy.

FEET are out of this world outsiders who, not giving a damn about it, totally possess the stage with their strangely otherworldly charisma. Watch out for their debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham that’s being released on 2nd August.

FEET Photo: Kevin Gaughan

In spite of having big shoes to fill, Honeyblood’s hypnotising dark indie pop did not disappoint. Stina Tweeddale (vocals/guitar), Deborah Knox-Hewson (drums) and Anna Donigan (bass) put together the wicked sweetness of their haunting melodies with goth witchy aura and a proper Riot Grrrl attitude. Honeyblood, in its twisted ways, brings together pleasure and pain.

Despite the hint of insecurity and holding it back kind of a feeling, Honeyblood lived up to their potential, starting with The Third Degree, a heartbeat tempo, an ode to all the bravest drama babies. They’ve continued with slightly smoother, sadder indie song, (I’d Rather Be) Anywhere but Here.

‘A witch if I float, damned if I don’t’ went the lyrics to a fiery feminist power track about survival, Babes Never Die, along with She’s a Nightmare, was the best track of the show. For those thirsty for the new, Honeyblood played devilish garage rock-like track, Gibberish, and grungy Take The Wheel, of their upcoming album, In Plain Sight. Finishing on a faster, punky note with a bang, they finally seduced me completely with their groovy black magic.

Honeyblood Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Watch the video below for our interview with FEET and their performance of Ad Blue on the night:

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