Review – Peaked Presents: Bring The Chaos, Heat 1 at The Shed, 11th January 2019

with End Of Daze, Defining Lines, Darkest Days and Caliburn

Tonight’s show was organised by Peaked Apparel.
Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka.

Tonight was the first heat of the Bring The Chaos competition in which 24 bands will shout their lungs out to prove that they are worthy of becoming the Bring The Chaos winner who will have their track and video produced, merch and a slot at Chaos Festival! Darkest Days, End Of Daze, Caliburn and Defining Lines crashed The Shed with a fair share of metalcore.

End of Daze, a six-piece metal group from Dorset, made an entrance with Tides, a smart compromise between trashy and gentle. Having the crowd warmed up, they dared to cover AWOLNATION Sail in the metalcore spirit that surprisingly worked. The show went on with full-on-rage Betrayer, new single Equilibrium and wanna-be battle track Fight On. End of Daze took their genre to another level with Distant Memories, finishing off on the psychedelic note.

End Of Daze Photo: Oliver Bellamy

Inspired by Killswitch Engage and While She Sleeps, Defining Lines, started with instrumental, drum-based Fire then Collapse, proper metalcore with decent drums. The West Yorkshire based outlet surprised with sudden breakdowns, dynamic harmony accompanied by catchy choruses. Having played through their whole new EP, As Our Souls Depart, Defining Lines, left the best to the end, fast and furious, Wasted Youth.

Defining Lines Photo: Oliver Bellamy

Satan possessed The Shed thanks to outrageously devilish, Darkest Days. The band brought hellfire of sharp riffs and screams in This is Hell and didn’t stop there. Even the crowd finally made some effort to mosh, this was progressive metalcore at its finest. After both equally good Extinction and Beneath The Waves and Psycho Regret, the storm began with The End. Truly apocalyptic.

Darkest Days Photo: Oliver Bellamy

For the finale, five-piece hardcore band, Caliburn took over the crowd. Started slowly, with a slight emo vibe, the band went mental when vocalist and bassist jumped off the stage while playing Letting Go. Next on, Pirates, rock ‘n’ roll riffs along with sharp guitar noise, distorted by melodic bits. Caliburn finished with the energetic Outskirts. Anyone who is hungry for more, Caliburn’s new EP is coming soon.

Caliburn Photo: Oliver Bellamy

Darkest Days left the venue in the blaze of glory, winning the first heat. Get in The Shed on Friday 18 to decide the faith of the next four bands.