Review – Peaked Presents: Bring The Chaos, Heat 2 at The Shed, 12th January 2019

with Recall The Remains, Fear Me December, Ohana and Steal The City

Tonight’s show was organised by Peaked Apparel.
Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka.

Battling bands brought the chaos for the second round of the competition to The Shed. Four bands, Recall the Remains, Fear Me December, OHANA and Steal The City, fought ‘till the last note for a slot at Chaos Festival, the winners also get a video, a track produced, their own merch and also win the hearts of the audience!

Recall The Remains live up to their name. Out-of-this-world Jacob Collins’ scream, that began the first track of the night, Deadlines, could wake up the dead! Alongside the main vocalist, amazingly androgynous Jordan Barnes aka bass and vocals, Zach Bowden and Elliot Rowe on guitars and Anthony Morris on drums took progressive metalcore to the new level of the post-apocalyptic parade of madness.

The band finished with Our Hell, throwing fists in the air – theatrically. If they do come from hell, I’m taking a highway there!

Recall The Remains Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Originally from Argentina, now Manchester based, Fear Me December, stormed the scene as the second act. Within the first seconds and lyrics of Crystallized (track of their new EP) the vocalist/bassist, proudly wearing ‘f**k off humans’ t-shirt, Victoria Cabanellas, owned the stage. Her compelling voice, charisma and go-to attitude were the best asset of that bring-back -2000s heavy rock band. Musically without surprises, Fear Me December, served a fair share of melodic metal tunes and superb messy riffs. During the undoubted climax, Fight Me, the band did not hold back. Banging drums, peaking guitars and strong vocal made the warriors of the group after all.

Fear Me December Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Aliens and indie grunge? Welcome OHANA from planet earth, Leicester. Almost the acoustically velvety beginning of Because, transformed into grunge with the psychedelic vibe, made the perfect canvas for the vocals. A lost child of the 70s vibe, Luke Smith, exceeding any expectations, was vocally able to shine both in the scale challenging Too Good For Me and indie energetic, death-themed, Life Sucks.

Repetitions across the tracks were noticeable, though the set was diverse enough, from classically grungy existentialist Am I Scared of Nothing, reminding me of The Growlers, Generation to heavier Not Your Cup of Tea.

Do yourself a favour and check out their new EP From the Roots.

Ohana Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Last on, Steal the City, stole the hearts of the crowd who were finally clapping, waving and swinging to the hard rock/melodic metal mix with Rise Against-like punk energy.

Sam Bantock, lead vocal and bass, Smit and provocatively charming Joe Hanson on guitars and Ellis Bullement on drums, proved to master showmanship and their skills from heavier Manufactured to well-behaved pop punk aka Stray From The Path. Grand finale, catchy Beating Heart, last track of their debut EP, The Time We Needed, brought Hanson down into the audience while playing his guitar.

Steal The City Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Congratulation to OHANA on winning the battle. If you missed this one, get in The Shed on Friday the 18th of January to support your favourites or discover new sounds in the next heat.