Review – Son of Glenn at The Cookie, 18th January 2019

with Simple Fiction and Switchdown

Reviewed by Trevor Locke.

There are some bands that you like. Bands that have disappeared. Suddenly, they pop up again and you just have to see them. That was why I was at The Cookie tonight. To see Leicester band, Son of Glenn.

Tonight they headlined a sell-out show with support slots from Simple Fiction and Switchdown.

From London, Simple Fiction opened the show with a lively set of indie songs that were bouncy and uplifting. Decorated with some nice guitar parts, their tunes were ear-pleasing and appealing. Sounds full of alluring rhythms and engaging melodies. They can come again!

Simple Fiction Photo: Kevin Gaughan

A new project, from the much-loved Beneath The Lights, called Switchdown provided another support slot. A trio of well-known local artists, with their likeable offering of pop punk and alternative rock. Familiar faces and a recognisable sound, as vibrant and pleasing today as it always has been. High-quality music full of good beats and familiar riffs. Great these guys are still around. Well worth seeing again.

Switchdown Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Son of Glenn has just released a new single called All of My Friends. Interesting to see that the video of it was shot in Beijing. Described as ‘cinematic’, the video to the song, ‘sees a desolate character lonesomely exploring a range of landscapes and derelict buildings. searching for something that he is struggling to grasp.’ Perhaps why this band sometimes get called ’emo.’ I see that Jamie Ward had a hand in it. Remember him?

Son of Glenn Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Poetic, pulsating and powerful, that’s what I think of it. Reading a review of the band’s latest track, I noted ‘Son of Glenn draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources.  There are elements of rock and post-hardcore, with even a hint of early 2000s emo.  Throughout there is a subtlety and quiet finesse, the melodic guitar and minor key layered vocals providing a sorrowful beauty.’  Read more at Rightchord Music.

Before the gig, I interviewed Jack and Josh from Son of Glenn, which you can see on YouTube. That video also includes songs performed by the band at tonight’s show.
Click here to see the interview and live performances.

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