Review – The Veez at The Cookie, Saturday 8th June 2019

Photo: The Veez by Yuki Hozumi

with Wailing Badger and Chambers

Reviewed by Yuki Hozumi.
This gig was organised by The Cookie.

In a long life, people may have many kinds of emotions, such as pleasures with achievements, happiness from interactions with people, and sadness from unexpected events. The debut album, Mirrors from The Veez, seems to be focusing on mainly indefinable pathos. Nevertheless, the songs were passionate and this album launching show was filled with ingenuous joys and big smiles.

From the show, we could re-recognize how to get through such emotions, positively by enjoying music. Also, the supporting bands were gracing the show with their superb performances. Everyone acknowledged the Leicester-based bands as remarkable in the indie music scene.

To begin with, Wailing Badger, a three-piece band, brought us to the midnight cozy driving mood, by the blues-like mellifluous guitar sound and sugary voice of Stephen, the song called Man Talk. As their performances went on, little by little, the edgy bass guitar and drums amplified the tunes into heavier sounds. By the mesmerizing changes, gradually the attendees were stepping closer to the stage and started dancing moderately and sometimes intensively.

Eventually, the silent basement venue was ready for party mode with their superb performance.

Wailing Badger Photo: Yuki Hozumi

After the smooth warm-up, Chambers enhanced the excitement by their uncategorizable unique style. Laurence (Lead vocal and lead guitar) showed the great fusion of his heavy rough guitar sound, and grungy or wild shouty voice, which stirred up rock lovers’ minds and they began headbanging as they found a new playground.

In their neo-vintage world, I didn’t know which kind of sound to expect in their next song. And the rockabilly style sound of Can’t See A Way Out, was truly fabulous. The backing vocals of Edward (Bass guitar) and Alex (Percussion) added a flavour of the ambitious adolescence.

Chambers Photo: Yuki Hozumi

Finally, the night’s main band, The Veez, showed up onto the stage. The band is composed of Jonny (Vocals and guitar), Phil (Lead guitar), Joseph (Bass guitar) and Steve (Drums and percussion). As mentioned at the beginning, the venue was full of smiles by the band’s merry attitude, witty jokes and entertaining performance, despite the themes of their songs. The listeners were naturally drawn to their zealous atmosphere and united to be one.

Overall, the combinations of the ardent lyrics, melodious layered guitar sounds, rhythmical drums, and Jonny’s velvety high tone and bass voice were excellent. Especially the songs, Saviour and In Your World, were showing a dramatic aspect, through the harmonised elements of the band.

After every song, people were applauding enthusiastically and even after the last song was played, the applause did not stop. So consequently the additional two songs were revealed.

After the show, people were immersing themselves in the sweaty venue, to feel it as long as possible.

The Veez Photo: Yuki Hozumi

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