Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller at The Cookie 19/04/2019. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

This week saw the passing of one of Leicester’s musical free spirits and inspiration to many, Ruth Miller – having been in the Leicester Music scene for decades, performing solo, in her own band, PO! and more recently, during the lockdowns of 2020 – 2022 giving birth to the Unglamorous project. The Unglamorous project ignited a spark in women, mainly older women, to have some fun, with a serious edge by forming a band with other like-minded women.

According to her facebook page, she had been suffering from metastatic breast cancer.

While the emphasis was originally on punk music, the bands all have their unique style, while some being punk, others are more grunge but they are all having fun while spreading Ruth’s legacy.

Ruth also wrote in her blog Punk Girl Diaries.

Find out about Ruth’s Unglamorous project here.

Listen to my interview from (recorded in Feb 2022) with Ruth about her band The Verinos and the Unglamorous project below (at 19:00).