Satellite Empire’s Final Show

Leicester Pop Rockers, Satellite Empire, announced they are to split

after their headline Christmas show at The Shed on December 28th. ∏

The announcement was made on (30th November, 2013.)

The band’s final gig took place at The Shed on Saturday 28th December.

Here are Kevin Gaughan’s photos from that night:

Photos © Kevin Gaughan

Supporting Satellite Empire at the final show were singer Becky Woolman and Coalville band The Bench That Rocked.

Becky Woolman is better known as the lead singer of the band FourPointOh. Her set of solo songs provided a fine musical start to the night.

The Bench That Rocked delivered a sound set with a mixture of well-known covers and some of their own songs.  With covers by Blink182 and The Eurythmics and Smooth Criminal they soon had the room in party mood.

Satelitte Empire took to the stage for the headline set; they have made some really good songs in their time and played most of their well-known originals tonight – so it was with mix feelings that we enjoyed their set – happy to hear all their great songs again but sad that this was the last time that we would see this excellent band on stage. The night was well attended with several musical talents from the local scene there to support the show and share with the band the friendships that had been built up over the two years that had seen them treading the boards of our local stages- they might be gone but they will not easily be forgotten.


The announcement came after a fantastic year for the band, seeing them release an EP for free, film two videos and play two well attended gigs at The Shed and The Music Café.

Guitarist, Olly Stabler, reassured us that it was not due to any personal conflicts:

“SE is not ending because we hate each other. Simply put, we’re not as enthusiastic about the band as we used to be and we all feel ready to move on to different things. We’ve absolutely loved our time as a band and we hope you can make it down to our last ever show, which will be a massive celebration of the band, on the 28th of December” he said.

Drummer, Ben, added:

“We’ve had some fantastic moments throughout our time as a band, predominantly made possible by our fans who have stuck by us and have made each gig somewhat magical. It would be so great if the band could go out on a massive high on the 28th December and that will happen if we fill out the Shed for our final ever gig. So please help us in making this last gig a real celebration!”

The band would collectively like to thank everyone who has ever supported them, attended their gigs or listened to their music.

Listen to Satellite Empire’s latest single Fake It All here:

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