Single review – Alignments, Cold Love

UK based five-piece Alignments have released their first single following the 2020 release of their EP Mute Orator.

The single is titled Cold Love and is a brilliant follow up to their last release, it features the heavy riffs and strong vocals which the band has become known for in local music scenes.

The band have spent their time In numerous lockdowns wisely and focused on creating music, truly showing the potential which they all hold as musicians.

Musically, Cold Love is a bit of a departure from Alignments’ past, more melodic projects with bassist Sam explaining the turn into a different direction by saying:
“I wanted to try something heavier than we’ve ventured into before. We’ve been quite melodic in the past and I wanted to take Alignments into a slightly different direction. Taking inspiration from hardcore bands like Lotus Eater and MTXS. I wanted to show how diverse we can be and what we can achieve when we put our heart in it. We’ve always had hardcore as one of our many roots so showcasing how we interpret hardcore whilst maintaining what makes Alignments, Alignments has been a fulfilling experience.”

The track definitely delivers on the heavier sound with an instrumental that any modern hardcore band would envy and deep vocals which Alex executes perfectly.
Cold Love is a song very much fueled by personal experiences, while also being left open for interpretation for the listeners. The lyrics show the negative impact which toxic people can have on one’s life and how these negative experiences can shape a person. The heavy themes of the lyrics work in unison with the heavy instrumental to create a very emotionally raw song showcasing the band’s talents both lyrically and musically.

Alex (vocals) went into detail describing the meaning and impact which the lyrics hold by telling us:
“Learning from the negative impact of people that bring in such toxicity in their relationships, but bringing a sort of harsh reality that not all of these cases have a happy ending, some people find solace in vengeance, shown evident in lyrics such as: “Over and never again, made me remember hate, I hope you’re buried with a noose around your neck” and the only way for some people to move on with such an unimaginable hurt in their lives, is to avenge themselves by hurting those responsible, although in some scenarios, victims begin doing the same thing to their child or spouse, evident in lyrics such as “A pseudo sense of relief”.
It is now a part of who you are, and reality strikes, reminding you that, we don’t always escape and surpass our scars and hurt and just end up as a hollow shell, an empty vessel.
The lyrical aim of this song is to have a more direct approach to feelings, and knowing that its okay to just want to explode as long as you can direct it in the right places, I was tired of songs about overcoming your obstacles and cliche comebacks from losing everything, doing it the right way and becoming a better you. Life has a way of doing things for you, whether we have good intentions or not, and suppressing and trying to think about situations rationally, sometimes makes no difference, but then again that could be the way I was shaped into thinking.”

With a song that delivers not only lyrically but musically, we are all more than excited to hear more from the future projects which Alignments are working on. Hopefully, we will also be seeing them on stage live again very soon, playing all of the new material which they have worked on during the pandemic.

Give Cold Love a listen right now on all streaming services.

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Released on 02/07/21

Reviewed by Alex Velikova

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