Single review – Michael Vickers, Please Don’t Tell Me

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka.

Singer/songwriter from Leicester, Michael Vickers makes a comeback with a brand new single, Please Don’t Tell Me. As in his previous releases, the track features only Vickers’ vocals and the guitar that adds an intimate feel to it.

Please Don’t Tell Me is a simple ballad about the pain and relief that come after the end of bittersweet love and saying a definitive goodbye to the significant other. ‘None of this matters I’ll take anything other than this’ and ‘Drinking to help me to sleep but I bet you ain’t drinking for me’ sings Vickers’ suggesting that even though the deal is sealed, the ghosts of the past are still haunting him.

It is one of those tracks that won’t rock your world. But if you listen to it while running tiresome errands or having a long car drive, it will make your day more bearable.

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