Single review – Omen Machine, Crown Of Thornes

Release date Sunday 4th August 2019

Reviewed by Liz Marriott

Some people argue that art and politics should remain separate, but fortunately, up-and-coming alternative metal group Omen Machine do not agree. The Nottingham-based five-piece are back with their latest single, a damning indictment of the state and fate of the nation. Portentously titled Crown Of Thornes, the track is almost transcendent in its animosity towards the powers that be.

A contemplative, sombre intro sets the scene, as strains of distorted guitar slowly fade into focus. Momentum builds, and the full band abruptly joins the fray, pivoting into a hostile verse. Vocalist Matt Nathan uses his distinctive style of shout-singing to convey a sense of furious frustration, as the song escalates into a decisive, euphonic chorus.

The tempo accelerates, spilling ferocity into the second verse, propelled by a pounding rhythm section. Another iconic chorus glides into a graceful interlude, with guest vocals by William Blanchard, Verity Styles, Lewis Evans, and Grace Baker, augmenting the anthemic nature of the words.

We have so many voices
Please don’t ignore the noises,

they sing repeatedly. It sounds like they’re singing on behalf of the entire country. The beautiful harmony dissolves into a breakdown of unrelenting brutality, underscored by a pulverizing succession of blast beats, before segueing into a superlative concluding chorus. A superb guitar solo weaves sinuously around the final bars, lingering with reverb-laden vibrato as the track draws to its poignant conclusion.

Overall, Crown Of Thornes is a faultless blend of moral conviction, and musicianship. The genuine passion behind the lyrics elevates the aesthetic aspects, rendering it not only a great song but also a savage social statement.

The closing line,

This isn’t the last you’ve heard of me,”

seems prophetic: this definitely won’t be the last you’ll hear of Omen Machine.

Crown Of Thornes will be released on 04/08/19. Check it out below:

Crown Of Thornes on Spotify

Omen Machine on Facebook.