Single review – Rawkus Redz, Walk Away

Release date: 01/08/20

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka

Usually, if you’re in need of unloading rage on the system or society to some local noise, Rawkus Redz serves just right. They’ve got a proper heavy rock band recipe: gritty riffs, decent vocal and a strong lyrics game. Even if you’re not an angsty white man, you might find it quite fun to give ‘em a listen while having a pint and cursing the government.

Having released two singles, P.O.W.E.R. and Fat Cats from their upcoming EP Vexxed, Rawkus Redz take a break from fantasizing about killing the rich.

Final single, Walk Away, carries a completely different emotional, and instrumental load than their branded heavy notes. It’s a big-ass and heart-breaking rock ballad living-up to its definition, written as an elegy to Jamie’s (guitarist) girlfriend who lost her life to cancer at 19. George Stackhouse (vocal) cries his lungs out in a homage to lost love and tells a story of a conflicted man. He’s paralysed by pain and unable to move on, as the lyrics go ‘I won’t say goodbye until I say what I gotta say/I won’t leave, won’t leave/Won’t leave and walk away’. Dramatic riffs add to the overwhelming despair.

Walk Away sheds some light on the dark battles inside a person who mourns loss bigger than they can handle, digging up dirt from the past and deciding to wait in that desperate place for just a little while longer.

Walk Away is out on August 1 and will be available on the band’s social media and streaming platforms, followed by Vexxed EP coming out on August 7.

Pre-save Vexxed here.

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