Single review – Unnatural Causes, Here We Stand

Released on 5/11/2020

Reviewed by Imogen Cresswell

Unnatural Causes are an alternative rock band consisting of four members who formed the band as part of the University of Leicester’s Band and Gig Society. Since their formation, they have gigged as part of Varsity- Battle of the Bands for the University of Leicester, now two years in a row. They have also gigged as support acts for various bands across the UK. Since their first single Break the Chain, Unnatural Causes have ensured appetites stay satisfied by releasing their latest single Here We Stand.

The launch of Here We Stand has shown to be well anticipated amongst their followers and has received a highly positive response across all streaming and social media platforms.

Here We Stand is very clear with what genre the band wants to be, therefore the band has created this song very well. Typically, most alternative/hard rock bands have rapid verses, heavier slowed down choruses and an ultimate breakdown within the song that is distinctively different from the rest of the body. It can be respected that Unnatural Causes have followed this recipe precisely, and merged all the pieces to make this song absolutely work.

The gravelly vocals certainly contribute a lot to this track and is a favourable voice within this genre that is often hard to produce correctly, but in this case, they are done extremely well. Alternatively, the drums are extremely intense and have so much power behind them which really deepens the dynamics of the track and helps manipulate the sequences of verses and choruses. During the heavy breakdown, it was surprising how well that space was used, and I am grateful to hear that the band took full advantage of their instruments to make Here We Stand better than perhaps previously designed. 

In Here We Stand, there is a motivational message to retrieve from this. Unnatural Causes sing about the deceit received from a second party and emphasise strongly all the problems they have caused and how they have affected the lives of people they have been cruel to. The motivation comes in when the chorus strikes, and those that have been betrayed and ruined in life form an alliance and “stand against the world” to show they are not alone, and become a strong foundation to take down what destroyed them. 

When it comes to associating Unnatural Causes’ Here We Stand with other tracks and musicians, Bullet for my Valentine’s Tears Don’t Fall is a classic example of what represents this genre, and how the structure of songs within this genre is decided. The way that the guitar eagerly braces itself throughout the verse for those unleashed, fierce power-chords is the precise way one would expect this style of music to behave. Conversely, the vocals can be familiar with that of Saint Asonia’s Happy Tragedy. The vocal patterns and how the lyrics and rhythm of the vocals have significant changes throughout the song; from a poetic flow in the verse to a choppy, angry, straightforward surge. 

Unnatural causes have released three songs in total, all in this year. It is certainly a bold move to release music during such a quiet period of opportunity for musicians, but their loyal friends and followers will surely make them shine in the new year; who knows what 2021 will bring for Unnatural Causes!

See the official video of Here We Stand on YouTube.

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